10 great Jquery and Javascript plugins to enhance your site

There are many great Jquery and Javascript plugins out there to make your site more exciting, user-friendly or simply amazing. I have gathered a list of my 10 most favourite plugins.


If you want an effect on your site that stands out, you may want to have a look into rainyday.js, a plugin adding rain effects to your images. The plugin is simple, tiny and has good cross-browser support.
Link: rainyday.js

Ajaxify with History.js

Many websites make use of AJAX these days to reduce page reloads but many apply it to contact forms or interactive elements only, but why not fully ajaxify your site? Ajaxify is probably one of the simplest plugins out there, where you just need to include in your footer along with Jquery and the amazing History.js. I am using it on my blog to give the user an app-like experience browsing between the pages.
Link: ajaxify

RRSSB — Social sharing

There are a lot of social networks out there and each one of them has its own plugin. Also there are many plugins claiming to combine all those social sharing plugins into one. One of them is rrssb which is a flexible and responsive social sharing plugin based on SASS and SVG.
Link: rrssb


Are you looking for a nice scrollbar for you site? Then nicescroll may the choice for you. The plugin adapts the scrollbar for you and can be configured in terms of speed, size and appearance — basically there are no limits to create a scrollbar you want. The plugin works well in multiple browsers and devices.
Link: nicescroll

Jquery waypoints

In case your site needs a trigger when certain points on your site have been reached, then you should have a look into jquery-waypoints plugin. It can be used to trigger events when a user has scrolled half the page or just passed a container etc. It is plain simple and just requires jquery plus the plugin itself.
Link: jquery waypoints

Jquery easing

Easing has become a very common function used in the web. It is widely used in CSS3 animations but there is also a jquery plugin called easing, which is mostly used for scrolling. Let’s say you have a to the top button then you may use easing to ease the scrolling instead of a plain jump to the top.
Link: jquery easing


The parallax effect has been used a lot in the past years and is already a common practise for impressive background picture effects. Stellar is one the most popular parallax plugins which can be applied not only to background pictures but also every other div to create stunning effects.
Link: stellar.js


Many sites these days jumped on the trends of fullpage-sites where each section takes 100% height of the screen. Fullpages.js is the perfect plugin if you are building such a site. It splits up your sections into slides that can be arranged vertically or horizontally. The plugin also offers various options such as callbacks for animations or fixed headers.
Link: fullpage.js


Divpeek is a small plugin that supports you with integrating animations into your site. It has fallback options for non-modern browsers and requires Jquery. The plugin can be used to apply tracking to certain elements which trigger events once the appear in the viewport, so that an animation can be run once an element appears or disappears from the user’s view.
Link: divpeek

Lettering js

Lettering.js is a great Jquery plugin to apply animations to text/letters. If you site has big and fancy text then you may want to apply ainmations or transitions to single letters, this is what lettering can be used for example. It is also great to create presentations or style single characters in a word.
Link: lettering.js

Most of those plugins I use on my homepage for example or even on this blog such as ajaxify.

What are your favourite plugins?
Do you use any of the plugins mentioned above?
Let me know in the comments.