Why I choose Dropplets for blogging

Most people choose Wordpress or Tumblr for example when it comes to blogging. So why did I choose Dropplets. Let’s have a look at a few popular CMS/blogging systems I took into account first.


I have decent experience with Joomla running a website or blog on it. Joomla is great for medium-sized websites but I don’t see a reason to run a blog on Joomla since it over-complicates things like categorizing etc. where you always need to rely on great extensions like K2.

So what is the point in choosing Joomla for blogging if you need an additional extension to do that for you? For my use case Joomla is just too complex and maintenance efforts too high.


Wordpress is probably the most popular blogging platform around. There is a lot of documentation and great templates out there. Wordpress is meant to be a blogging platform only but has grown into something bigger and for me overkill just for blogging. Also I have little Wordpress experience… no way I spent all the time to learn just to blog.

Listen to Jason Schuller directly below or here talking about Wordpress:


The idea of Tumblr is great. It is simple and user-friendly — really just dedicated to blog and share. There are lots of awesome Tumblr blogs. So Tumblr caught my eye and I have tried it for a while but just didn’t like the fact that I cannot run it on own server and customizing it seems only great in terms of layout/design. Even social integration and the community of Tumblr is incredible, I am missing the fact that I have the control over my content. In the end I decided against Tumblr because I felt like will be missing coding sometimes too.

Besides those mentioned there are tons of other platforms available like Blogger, Medium, Squarespace, TypePad and so on…which I did not even check. Feel free to have a look at them yourself.

Why Dropplets?

Based on my decision over Tumblr I knew then what I was looking for:
It should be a simple blogging platform that is really just for blogging and in best case open-source. This is how I found Dropplets which pictures itself as “Welcome to an Easier Way to Blog” created by Jason Schuller.

Dropplets was exactly what I needed. Easy to set up on my host, free & open-source and ready to customize. The concept is simple. The posts are based on Markdown files the rest runs on php. Posts have dates, authors and categories — that’s it.

My blog was set up within minutes and the structure was clear to me in an hour or so. This is when I decided to add a dedicated Font Awesome icon per post instead of pictures. That is so far the only customization I did to the core. Besides I have created my own template to roll-out a few layout changes and put on the design of my homepage. As of now I only need to upload new Markdown files to add a post which makes blogging enjoyable so far. I have also setup Git repository and to deploy I can pull latest changes to the blog whenever I like.

I think platforms like Dropplets or Ghost or Anchor come along with the need for minimalism on the web these days where designs are flat and everything should be clean and simple. Looking forward to further development in this direction.