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Dead Brothel Owner Not Ruling Out Presidential Run in 2020

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

After winning the election for assemblyman in Nevada’s 36th district, an ebullient Dennis Hof greeted supporters to declare victory and drop a major hint about his presidential ambitions.

“Donald Trump, you better watch out in 2020, I’m coming for you,” cried to the victorious former reality TV star and author of “The Art of the Pimp.”

Political pundits were skeptical of his chances, given that he was discovered dead a few months ago by porn actor Ron Jeremy.

“But you never know,” said the very biased and hateful CNN commentator who grabbed the mic rudely at a press conference. “Donald Trump is so unpopular that a dead pimp might have a shot.”

After the victory rally, Mr. Hof headed to the statehouse to begin haunting the assembly, knocking on walls, and shouting boo at reporters who tried to interview him.

Politics gets crazier and crazier by the minute!

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