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Make Insects Great Again

Inspired by Trump, the nation’s caterpillars are blocking their peaceful transition into butterflies. After Trump successfully normalized the idea of obstinately refusing to digest reality, a lot of his followers in the insect kingdom are planning to follow suit. To begin with, many MIGA believers (Make Insects Great Again) have launched a revolt against their somewhat grueling but biologically approved transition into butterflies. One of the caterpillars tweeted, “The Radical colorful, fluttering Wing owners are conspiring to obstruct our freedom to stay caterpillars.”

Many of the caterpillars that voted for Biden are worried that Trump is destroying a long, historic democratic and biological change process. Although moving on to become moths and butterflies is a natural process in every caterpillar’s evolution, the MIGA community believes that Radical Wings is destroying its culture and tradition of not progressing with time. When these caterpillars were reminded that it was a little hypocritical for them to be protesting against their own choices of gobbling themselves up into becoming Radical Wings, one MIGA veteran said, “You are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts.” And with that, it flipped back into its cocoon.




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Akshita Singh

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