Downshifting Tool #2

Carole Morris
Oct 4 · 1 min read

Getting the most from the freedom of retirement

Vision Board Example

Tool #2. Vision Board

What follows is tool #2 (of 5) to help you explore and clarify the things that are important and can bring meaning to your transition from full-time work.

This tool has you searching through magazines to find pictures of things that you want in your life as you downshift: it can be very a powerful exercise. Pictures communicate to our brain very differently than writing words.

Create a 16” x 20” vision board that includes the major, significant components of this next phase of life for you.

Pictures generally include:

· Word-phrases that inspire or motivate you

· Your environment: what will your home look and feel like?

· Hobbies

· Travel Destinations

· Social and cultural events





· Family

· Animals

· Major purchases

· Symbols

· Things of spiritual significance

· What else?


Exploring a new speed of life

Carole Morris

Written by

A coach specializing in transitions — Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Exploring a new speed of life

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