My $1500 Supplement Sorter

Carole Morris
Jun 13 · 2 min read

I had to do it.

3D Printed Supplement Sorter

I was browsing on looking for an easier way to take the variety of vitamins that are my daily regimen. Those plastic containers with the flip-up lids were difficult: the lids don’t stay up, so filling each compartment was a hassle. And I don’t need to take 2 weeks of vitamins with me to work each day.

After my search in drug stores and online yielded nothing, I got the bug to fill the unmet market need myself. Surely if I’m this frustrated, lots of other people are too!

Fast forward 3 years and $1500 later, I am the proud patent-holder and owner of a 3D printed supplement sorter.

I didn’t make it for the money. Duh.

I didn’t even picture myself on Shark Tank.

I just wanted an easier way to sort my vitamins and carry a day’s worth with me. I just kept going.

· Cad drawings.

· 3D Printing.

· Patent.

The inventors and smart business people among you readers have already noticed that there are no bullet points above for:

· Market research.

· Product testing.

· Distribution options.

What fun would that be?!

Using the Spatula to Slide Vitamins into a Pill Bag

And surprisingly, I have no regrets. I have lots of subsequent ideas to make it better (smaller, food-grade material, easier transfer from sorting troughs to pill bags). But the dragon has been slayed: I no longer HAVE to tweak it and work on it. My creative nerdy urge has been fulfilled.

Writing has always been the same type of obsession for me — I have been writing since I was four. You’d think I’d be better at it by now. What I’ve learned in writing that I didn’t follow with the supplement sorter is that a brilliant idea is most brilliant upon its birth. Best to keep it in my drafts folder for a day. Upon the 2nd peek, I’m bound to at least find a typo, if not an awkward phrase to correct or a runaway sentence to lasso.

I hope that you, too have something that calls to you — something that you just HAVE to notice and act upon. It’s very fulfilling.


Exploring a new speed of life

Carole Morris

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A coach specializing in transitions — Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Exploring a new speed of life

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