A Tale of Two Cities

The horizon of cranes and high-rises, what the official brochure calls “Downtown Miami’s Spectacular Skyline,” tells a different story than the one pedestrians encounter.

Raul Guerrero
Jun 4 · 5 min read

The State of Downtown

Sleeping on the sidewalk. Photo Aura Veras.

The Law

Outside College Station Municipal Garage. Photo, Aurea Veras.
Man sleeping, Maurice Ferre Park. Photo, Aurea Veras.


The meeting took place at the Downtown Development Authority, DDA, organized by the Downtown Neighbors Alliance, DNA. The DNA President ended the meeting observing: If this meeting is not to become another exercise in futility, we need to have accountability. In thirty days we’ll meet again to determine if downtown’s quality of life has improved, taking into account what was discussed today, including more security for Maurice Ferré Park, more police presence on our streets to deter crime. And, because it takes two to tango, residents need to get involved. If more funds are to be budgeted for more officers on the streets, statistics need to support the claims.

Editor’s Note

Report non-emergency matters, 305–579–6111. If in danger, dial 911. The Police Commander for downtown wants to be informed directly when residents encounter bad police service by emailing him at

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