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Jul 27 · 4 min read

The Downtown Arts + Science Salons has a formidable Fall Program, including Artificial Intelligence, Climate Resilience Explained, History, and activities like fencing. Our events take place at downtown iconic venues. For Tango Happy Hour, for example, you get to dance on the stage of Miami’s most beautiful theater, the historic Olympia Theater!


Photography Exhibit

Two photographers capture Miami from a micro and a macro perspective. One from the streets, an intimate portrayal of the city’s actors. The other’s take is from up high. Two views juxtaposed.

A Literary Evening

Prin and e-book. Fall, 2019.

Dramatic readings from Curiosities, Raul Guerrero’s new book, a collection of autobiographical essays on language, culture, and sex. A brief excerpt:

“I read the opening pages of an anecdotic history of the Spanish-language. It had a chapter on the spread of the language to the New World, “along the Cross, the Sword, and viruses for which natives had no defense.” Another chapter was devoted to the names of places. Conquistadores reached a Peninsula in Mexico, former Maya land, and asked natives who was the lord of the land, and what was the place’s name. Conquistadores had brought a multilingual interpreter who asked in Spanish, Latin, Old Greek and Taino, the language predominant in Santo Domingo. The Mayan listened carefully and to each question he replied Yucatán. Ah, the interpreter said triumphantly to the Captain, this place is called Yucatan after a lord of the same name. Spain claimed the peninsula of Yucatán for the Spanish Crown with the same offer, accept peacefully to be vassals of an almighty distant king or face his wrath. The Mayan bowed again, repeating Yucatán. It turns out Yucatan in Mayan means ‘what are you talking about?’”

A Tango Happy Hour

Dance, watch, drink, feel tragic, drink some more, flirt. Feel interesting… What a way to decompress after a long week of work. Find out why the Miami New Times elected DASS the best place in Miami to meet good looking and intelligent people.

This Fall, Tango Happy Hour on the stage of Miami’s most beautiful theatre, the historic Olympia. Photo of a previous DASS Tango Evening surrounded by art. Photo, Marc Schmidt.

Climate Resilience Explained

Do you sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by so much information? We invited a scientist and communicator to summarize in less than 60 minutes all that we need to know about Climate Resilience.

Artificial Intelligence and the Brain

​There’s a drive for enhanced intelligence, “but there will be a long period of coexistence in which there will be an ecology of intelligence. Humans will become enhanced in different ways. Younger people who interact with smartphones from childhood will be cyborgs from the very beginning. They will think in different ways than current adults do,” observes FRANK WILCZEK, Professor of Physics at MIT, recipient of the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics. A provocative evening of science and technology.


The Art and Science of Fencing boils down to touching and not being touched, as Moliere defined it.

Grace Kelley learning to fence in the Movie The Swan. Photo by Corbis.

Sword fighting goes back to the dawn of time, samurais, Romans, and, of course, the sword made it to America along with the cross, the Spanish language, and germs for which natives had no immunity. Zorro, the California noblemen we all know used the sword in duel after duel to soften the morality of nice Catholic women. “The ultimate immorality for women was sex,” from Curiosities, “even thinking about it was sinful, but Zorro undressed women with two or three swift movements of the wrist, yes, fencing is all in the wrist.” An unforgettable night of improvised duels.

DASS Fencing Salon is led by a seasoned Fencing Master and Olympic Champ.

Citizen Journalism

As resources shrink for local news outlets, it is imperative for residents to become the eyes and voice of the community. DASS and Downtown NEWS present this media workshop led by a professor of journalism. By invitation only.

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Downtown NEWS

Local Perspective - Downtown Miami

Raul Guerrero

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Editor, Downtown NEWS. Director, Downtown Arts + Science Salon, DASS, (DASSMIAMI.COM). His latest book is Curiosidad/Curiosity.

Downtown NEWS

Local Perspective - Downtown Miami

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