Actions Carry Consequences

Dangerous Parks

Michael Feuling

At 8:30 this morning, May 3, walking my dog on a leash along the south side bay-walk in Museum Park (now the Maurice A. Park), I was hit from behind by a bicycle. The man riding the bike appeared to be homeless. Although not injured seriously, I was bleeding on my left arm. Luckily my dog was not hit as I am sure she would have suffered a major injury or even death had the bike hit her. The bike was traveling at a fast speed and the rider did not stop but kept traveling around the park.

Since there is no longer any private security in the park, I immediately called 911. Time of call: 8:35 am. Once it was determined that my injury did not require a rescue squad my call was transferred to the Miami Police Dept. After answering several questions, I was told a police officer would come to the park to meet me. I waited vainly more than 30 mins for the officer to arrive, so I left to attend to my bleeding arm. Finally at 10:06 am (over 1.5 hrs after the incident), I received a phone call from a woman who I assumed was from the Police Dept., asking me if I would still like to speak to the police about the incident.

FACE 1 of 2, Maurice Ferre Park. Photo, Michael Feuling.

I do not think it is any coincidence that this happened just 2 days after the Bay Front Management Trust stopped private security service in the park and assigned the Miami Police to patrol the park because of budget issues.

To Commissioner Carollo, who heads the Bay Front Management Trust, I suggest the next time you think about diverting $3,000,000 from the Bayfront Park Management Trust reserve fund to non-park issues, consider the needs of Museum Park first, which is dependent on the Trust for its funding.

FACE 2. Early this week, a Park West resident counted 20 homeless sleeping under Maurice Ferrer Park’s trees. Photo, Aurea Veras.

Michael Feuling is a resident of 900 Biscayne Boulevard.