Letters to the Editor

Unsafe Street

Raul Guerrero
Feb 2 · 2 min read

Run for your life…

Dear Editor,
I am a downtown resident. Earlier this week, a homeless deranged man tried to touch me as I crossed the street. I ran to my car. The man followed me and started hitting the car. I tried calling the police but there was no answer. The incident took place at the corner of NE Second Avenue and Second Street.
Thank you,
Rocio Montoya,
CBD Resident.

Bayfront Park

Dear Raul,
Thank you for being the journalist who helps the downtown neighborhood. We literally are trying to enjoy our homes, which seems far fetched. Incidents in our park and neighborhood seem to be increasing, which statistically get ignored, if not reported.

Here are three examples:

  1. January 25, the lady with the hot dog stand [Bayfront Park] got robbed by the group of 6 teens who have been terrorizing the neighbourhood for almost a year.
  2. January 27, a homeless individual takes his pants down in a public area in the middle of the park, not even worried about indecent exposure in front of a child, the mother and two other women, and many other people.
    3. Human feces in the middle of park, on the cement, with all pets exposed. Just shocking!
  3. City Commissioner Ken Russell needs motivation to solve smaller problems instead of adding on bigger ones like “scooters “ to our agenda.
    Thank you for your continued effort,
    Desiree Lasrado,
    CBD Resident

Editorial Note

Downtown News contacted Police Commander Regueira. He acknowledged that crime and the presence of vagrants around Bayfront Park has increased, so he has deployed two police officers to Bayfront Park and Bayside Marketplace. And since the deployment, he noted, criminal activity has decreased.

Photo, Aurea Veras.

The Commander has also deployed officers to NE Second St., between Second Avenue and Avenue 3. The Metromover entrance and the 7-Eleven congregate vagrants and drunks to the point it was dangerous just walking around the area. Downtown News spoke to residents of three residential towers directly involved. The consensus is that things have greatly improved since LOFT 2 residents established direct dialogue with the Commander.

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