Honoring Maurice Ferré

By Michael Feuling

Downtown NEWS
Sep 30 · 2 min read

Over the course of the past few days, I have watched and read the various tributes in honor former mayor of Maurice Ferré.

A rendition of a vision for Maurice Ferré Park.

I am writing this email in the hope that our elected official will continue to honor the life and work of Mr. Ferré, by giving increased attention to one of the most enduring examples of his legacy, Maurice Ferre Park.

Here are three Steps

1. Please reinstate the security in the park which was eliminated by the Trust.

2. Please install all of the enhanced lightings which were approved and then later canceled by the Trust.

3. Please remove the trapeze which is not only an eyesore and which is only used by approximately 50 people a week. Also, it is allegedly rented at the below market price of $1000/mo. for the space that it occupies. In addition, it may be in violation of the park’s policy of no permanent structures allowed.

A Reminder

Commissioner Russell…I believe it’s was over a year ago that I attended a Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA) meeting that you announced that you had secured funding for additional trees to be planted in MFP. To date, I have yet to see a single tree planted. In addition, although Commissioner Carollo may have control over the budget through his chairmanship of the Trust, I would like to remind you that the park falls within your jurisdiction and your increased involvement would be greatly appreciated by your constituents who live in the neighborhood and use the park on a regular basis.

I hope we will all have a renewed focus on developing Maurice Ferré Park into the park that is worthy of its name.

Michael Feuling is a resident of the downtown Park West Neighborhood.

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Downtown NEWS

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