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Residents question security after stabbing incidents at the Metromover. Downtown News Staff.

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Jun 13 · 4 min read

Are people allowed to sleep on the Metromover? I used to see security staff and/or sheriffs all the time on the Metromover now I really don’t. See photo below.

Photo by downtown resident.

We need to address a growing concern our residents have for the safety conditions at the Metromover.

Please rest assured that both safety and security on our system are given top priority. The Department of Transporation and Public Works’ Office of Safety and Security (DTPW) maintains uniformed and armed roving patrols on the Metromover system at platforms and Metromover train cars. These patrols are in place throughout all operating hours of the system and serve as a visible deterrent to potential criminal, prohibited, or disruptive activities… In addition to the stationary Metromover guards already in place at specified locations.

· Police communications dispatchers and responding district police officers are advised to prioritize all calls received from DTPW facilities and operations.

· As needed, both the Miami-Dade Police Department and the City of Miami Police Department provide special patrols of the Metromover system. These patrols are conducted both in uniform and plain-clothes.

· DTPW and Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade County have entered into a partnership to develop a program for citizens to report crime and/or problems on Metrorail, Metromover and Metrobus.

· The Transit Watch program encourages our passengers to take an active part in helping us maintain a safe transit environment. Should a passenger need to report any suspicious activity while using transit, they simply call 305–375–2700, immediately. This 24-hour hotline is answered by our DTPW-Contracted security dispatchers, who can immediately dispatch a security officer to the scene.

· The Transit Watch App allows patrons to anonymously and electronically communicate any non-emergency concerns to a live DTPW-Contracted security dispatcher, who can immediately dispatch a security officer to the scene.

· DTPW Office of Safety and Security’s Security Program Supervisors routinely perform daily unannounced visits to various facilities throughout the transit system to ensure the security program plan is being implemented as required.

· Each Metromover vehicle also maintains an Emergency Call Phone button with the vehicle number inscribed on the inside of the door. This phone button allows for direct communication with Metromover Central Control employees. This phone is located at either end of each vehicle.

Metromover, June 10, 2019. Photo Aurea Veras.

DTPW takes the issues of crime, safety, and disturbing/disruptive patron behavior in the system very seriously, and has historically taken immediate and proactive measures to mitigate these activities throughout the system. Although these steps will not completely eliminate nefarious activities, we are confident that these efforts reduce the potential for such acts. It must be noted that the concerted efforts between DTPW, its contracted security providers, and local law enforcement continue to result in the detention and subsequent arrest of numerous individuals that have committed acts on the transit system.

In regards to Metromover security, the DTPW-Contracted security supervisor for the Metromover conducts multiple sweeps of the Metromover system each day, monitoring both the patrons and security personnel. Additionally, DTPW-Contracted security dispatch conducts, every hour, two roll-calls of all DTPW-Contracted Metromover security guards, to determine the current location of each guard, and to verify that the roving guards are roving and efficiently spread out throughout the system. A DTPW Security Program Supervisor also directly monitors the DTPW-Contracted Metromover security guards, to ensure that they are performing their contractually-obligated duties. We have notified our contracted security vendor to have their security guards further address quality of life and nuisance issues, such as persons sleeping upon the floor of Metromover cars.

We are currently looking at the feasibility of adding additional security personnel to the Metromover system, and will also schedule additional Miami-Dade Police Department special details to add additional visibility. We also utilize the Transportation Security Administration’s Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR) teams to provide additional law enforcement presence on the Metromover system.

Editorial Note: Should residents have additional questions or concerns about security on the DTPW system, please call the DTPW Office of Safety and Security at 305–375–4240.

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