Miami Book Fair 2019

A Miami institution that feeds our pride and imagination

Raul Guerrero
Sep 30 · 2 min read

September and October are the months for hurricanes — the evil curse of the seas in the original Taino Language. But November is the month for the Miami Book Fair, that magical festival of words, the paradise for book lovers. Not for nothing, Jorge Luis Borges imagined paradise as an infinite library.

A little Something to Whet Your Appetite

The 2019 edition of the Miami Book Fair will bring some 500 writers and thousands of books, including luminaries such as Richard Russo, author of Chances Are, a new novel about the abiding and complex relationship of friendship: “What if all everyone needed in the world was to be sure of one friend.” And Sarah Blake, author of The Guest Book, which the Washington Post called Monumental: “The news is always about you. You must simply fit yourself in it. You must see how — you must be vigilant. Undismayed by the ordinary evil of the world.”

Photo courtesy of Miami Book Fair.

“Miami Book Fair was a leader of our region’s cultural boom with the development of our week-long festival 36 years ago, now the largest literary book fair in the country,” said Lissette Mendez, Miami Book Fair Director of Programs at Miami Dade College. “It opens with the coveted “Evenings With” series featuring headliners with newly released books by conservative commentator George Will, playwright Eve Ensler, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and Debbie Harry of Blondie, among many others. These conversations lead us into the weekend street fair featuring books on every subject and in every genre from momoirs and fiction to poetry, comics, and children’s literature, while more author presentations, book signings, and panel discussions are going on for adults and families in auditoriums and classrooms all over Miami Dade College. There is truly something for everyone.”

36th Miami Book Fair

Nov. 17–24, 2019. Miami Dade College, the Wolfson Campus, Downtown Miami.

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Raul Guerrero

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Editor, Downtown NEWS. Director, Downtown Arts + Science Salon, DASS, (DASSMIAMI.COM). His latest book is Curiosidad/Curiosity.

Downtown NEWS

Local Perspective - Downtown Miami

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