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Jun 22 · 3 min read
MCAD, Downtown Miami. For more information visit .

Is MCAD involved in helping design policy regarding climate change, the affordable housing crisis?

CJ: MCAD functions as a resource for the architectural profession and the general community. MCAD’S goal is to raise awareness about issues within our community that affect the built environment and ultimately our quality of life. We strive to do programming that brings clarity to issues such as climate change; attainable housing; resiliency; healthier buildings.

Has MCAD a saying in shaping architecture schools’ curricula?

CJ: AIA Miami works regularly with DASH, UMSOA, and FIU CARTA to help our next generations take those steps to leadership in our industry and community.

MCAD Annual Urban Warrior Awards. The signature event recognizes individuals who have accomplished much to better Miami’s urban landscape. Martin Pinilla, Barlington Group; Marta Viciedo, Urban Impact Lab; Cheryl Jacabos, MCAD Executive Vice President; Maurice Ferre’ (Lifetime Achievement), 6 Term Miami Mayor; Sara Hernandez, MCAD President, Biscayne Bank; Bill Fuller, Barlington Group.

On the local level, can you speak a bit about some of the programs specifically geared for downtown residents and visitors?

CJ: MCAD is also the Downtown Miami Welcome Center. Currently, we offer the Downtown Miami Historic Architecture Walking Tour on alternate Saturdays ( and quarterly, SketchMIA, an Urban Sketch Tour. Additionally, we offer private custom architecture tours that showcase much of Miami’s exciting, vibrant architecture. We hope to expand our regular tour offerings in the fall and will be recruiting new tour guides and holding tour training over the summer. Also, our first exhibit in our new space will open on July 10: Miami Designs: AIA Miami Design Award Winners 2018. The exhibit will feature the winners of the 2018 awards, which highlights the work of Miami Architects.

MCAD, Downtown Miami.

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Downtown NEWS

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Downtown NEWS

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