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Reimagining Biscayne Boulevard

Imagine a Biscayne Boulevard moving people and vehicles more safely and efficiently. Imagine a boulevard that allows for cafes lining the street with outdoor seating… By Aaron DeMayo.

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Sep 10 · 4 min read
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Biscayne Boulevard, completed in 1926, epitomized the Miami Land-Boom of the 1920s. Photo, courtesy of Flashback Miami.

Lined with 900 Royal Palms, and featuring high-end shops, Biscayne Boulevard was built as an iconic street. As vehicles transitioned from a luxury item to an object within reach of many households, streets prioritized cars not people. Currently, Biscayne Boulevard is dangerous and ineffective for everyone. Traffic and congestion routinely cause delays, and accidents are common. People avoid walking on the sidewalks, instead opting for short car trips that further exacerbate the issues and cause a decline in quality of life.

Imagine a Biscayne Boulevard that can move people and vehicles more safely and efficiently. Imagine a boulevard that allows for cafes lining the street to host outdoor seating, add more shade trees making it more comfortable to walk to our world-class museums and local shops. By reorganizing how vehicles enter and cross the Boulevard, Reimagine Biscayne Boulevard, a proposal by local planning and design firm Future Vision Studios will allow traffic and people to move more safely and efficiently.

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Biscayne Boulevard, September 2020. Photo, Aurea Veras.


Dense Neighborhoods

In evaluating Biscayne Boulevard, Future Vision Studios identified some of the causes for congestion and dangerous driving, including inefficient signalized intersections due to a lack of left-turning lanes — causing a small number of vehicles to make it through a light cycle. As a result, drivers use mid-block intersections with stop signs and forcefully pull out into traffic with all sorts of dangerous and illegal maneuvers. This creates hazardous situations for everyone on the street, including those following the rules.

The Proposal

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These modifications will allow Biscayne Boulevard to function as an essential north-to-south corridor and a centerpiece for the neighborhood. These outcomes will support a high mobility index that safely moves vehicles and pedestrians of all ages, reduces the heat island effect, improves air and water quality, and builds a more resilient community.

Aaron DeMayo, Principal of Future Vision Studios. This story was adapted from a more comprehensive work, which is available at Futurevisionstudios.us/mobility

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