Letters to the Editor

Running the Red Light & Power Outages

Two residents observe recurring problems around the Downtown Neighborhood. What’s going on? People running red lights are a threat to pedestrians and power outages are costing residents money and disruptions.

Where are the enforcers?

There is a major issue of running the red light from the northbound lane of Biscayne crossing NE 11 St. It also happens to be a major crosswalk for those of us who live here and are walking our dogs (or kids) to the park. A hidden police presence there on any given weekday afternoon issuing tickets to all who do this would be great. We are living in a city that is growing at a pace that is hard to manage and I believe enforcement is going to be key in teaching the mannerless and thoughtless amongst us to engage in better behavior so we can all live in harmony.

There is a general issue of people in Miami not understanding the significance of a crosswalk at NE 11St. and NE 2 Ave. I’d love to see tickets to all the drivers that risk hitting me and my dog in the morning so they can turn when I have a foot in the crosswalk. In NYC this would result in an immediate ticket.

Editorial Note: This issue was brought to the attention of the Police Commander for Downtown. A few weeks later, a police officer showed up to speak with Jessica about the issue, but not at peak hours, when the problem occurs. The officer pointed out that there are cameras. Jessica, a resident of the area, pointed out that cameras have not resolved the problem, that only a police presence and ticketing would. Resolution? Pending.

Jessica Boudreaux, a resident of Park West.

Cameras are not working. Resident claims, only police presence will solve the problem of running red lights. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Recurring Power Outages are Damaging my Appliances and FPL Looks the Other Way

It seems that we are having more frequent power outages than ever before. It has been affecting the Downtown area including our building at Loft 2. I have also noticed several traffic lights out.

As a result, many residents at Loft 2, and I’m sure elsewhere, have suffered appliance failures. For instance, several residents have had to replace parts such as the circuit board to the refrigerators costing up to $450, which was our case, to get it fixed. This occurred this past week, April 2nd, 2019 when the power outage took place in the evening at approximately 6:30 it lasted for about an hour. When the power was finally restored the refrigerator was not working, we waited 24 hours before calling a tech.

A claim was filed with FPL but unfortunately, they said they don’t cover power outages! So now what, what happens next time that there is another outage… It would be interesting to know how many residents have had appliance failures and had to repair or replace their items. What are we suppose to do, keep paying every time a power outage happens and our appliances fail to work????

Could it be that FPL was not ready for all the construction and new buildings in the area? What are we suppose to do, keep paying every time a power outage happens and our appliances fail to work????

There’s a lot of new infrastructure coming to the area, and if this is a problem I hope they are ready to address it. It’s not fair to us, the residents, having to deal with the issues of frequent power outages and worry about having to pay for appliance failures.

Zoila Perez-Chanquet, a resident of the Central Business District.

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