The Importance of Voting

Local government affects almost every aspect of your daily life. By Amal Solh Kabbani.

Downtown NEWS
Sep 26 · 2 min read

In my last editorial, I spoke of the dangers society faces when its government is openly corrupt and has no fear of recourse. Today I would like to urge you to please register and vote in the upcoming November elections.

Why are local elections crucial? Local government is directly responsible for serving Downtown Miami. Local government affects almost every aspect of your daily life.

It does not matter as much for whom you vote as long as you vote. You may not find anyone on the ballot that has earned your trust, but not exercising the right to vote is the worst you can do. Not voting is a perfect excuse for officials to neglect a community. They can and do say: “This community lacks an electorate base,” which justifies inaction, or worse, actions that hurt the community. Not voting makes you inconsequential!

But if you turn your ballot, your voice will be counted in, and the response-rate ratio will be a slap in the face of any candidate who failed to earn your vote. A lesson for the next cycle.

That is how our democratic system is set up. We, the electorate, grant officials their power, and as John Locke taught us, we can take back that power. Elections play that role.

In sum, all problems have solutions but for solutions to materialize you need to cast your ballots this upcoming November and be persistent following through. Silently internalizing frustrations or just complaining won’t do it. I insist, please vote!

Photo by Niels Johansen.

Amal Solh Kabbani

President, Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA)

Downtown NEWS

Local Perspective - Downtown Miami

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Downtown NEWS

Local Perspective - Downtown Miami

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