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Urban Warrior Awards

May 16, Miami Center for Architecture & Design at Silverspot Cinema

To purchase tickets click here. Graphic, courtesy of Miami Center for Architecture & Design.

The Miami Center for Architecture & Design presents the 2nd Annual Urban Warrior Awards, a signature event that recognizes individuals who have accomplished much to better Miami’s urban landscape. Over 150 attendees will celebrate the honorees and their accomplishments, from elected officials, architects, developers, to community activists, urbanists and architecture enthusiasts.

The 2019 Honorees

Lifetime Achievement Award: Six-term Miami Mayor, Maurice A. Ferré

Visionary Award: Urban Impact Lab Co-Founder, Marta Viciedo

Visionary Award: Barlington Group Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Bill Fuller

Visionary Award: Barlington Group Co-Founder/Co-Managing Parter, Martin Pinilla II

May 16, 6–9 pm. Silverspot Cinema 300 SE 3rd Street. Miami, Florida, 33131.

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