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Tourists Assaulted

Outside a 7-Eleven. Young Tourist Hurt.

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Jun 16 · 3 min read

I’m writing to you to voice my concern as a downtown resident, after a violent crime occurred on the morning of June 14 right in front of my building. At approximately 4 am, two young tourists arrived by taxi to the 7-Eleven to buy some food. At this point, they were approached by a couple who were robbers and demanded their wallets.

Man on the left and woman are alleged robbers. Tourists stand to the right. In the middle is the taxi driver trying to defuse the situation. One tourist, in the white shirt, is bleeding from the nose and upper lip. While the altercation was going on, the woman stole the wallet from one of the tourists.

A struggle ensued in which one of the victims was badly hurt and the assailants fled by foot. Luckily, a Miami patrol was in the area and immediately was able to apprehend them. I’m concerned because I too sometimes arrive at odd hours in the morning. This very well could have happened to any of us residents of this building.

Over the months, there has been a concerning increase of loiterers, panhandlers, and drug dealers in this area. I must mention that I have noticed an increase of police presence but it feels that this is not deterring anyone from publicly getting intoxicated, engaging in acts of prostitution, panhandling, and drug dealing. All these activities are witnessed by us residents on a daily basis. This should not be!

About two weeks ago, I saw a homeless man bullied into giving up the change he had in his pockets. About 3 weeks ago, I saw a homeless woman engaging in a sex act in the corner in front of the College Garage 3 and Loft 2, during the day! Not to mention a man dealing drugs right in front of the First Street Metromover station. This same drug dealer has verbally harassed my wife in more than one occasion. Even the panhandlers are becoming more aggressive and demanding when asking for money. It is now common for them to curse at you when you deny giving them money.

It has become downright scary just to cover the less than 30 yards from College Station Garage to the front of our building. Things seem to be escalating for the worse instead of getting better. I am sure I’m not the only one that feels like this and just wishes that our streets in downtown received the same police attention as the ones in Brickell do. Whatever the police is doing there it seems that it is better than what they are doing in this side of downtown.

Dan Cruz, Central Business District Resident


As residents of the Park West neighborhood, named after the park across the street, we are outraged that since about a year ago, a rickety looking structure also known as a Trapeze [The Flying Trapeze School] is occupying a large part of the beautiful park.

Photo, Claudia Roussel.

This structure — closed 80% of the time — doesn’t serve our community, and basically is the hobby of a few well-connected individuals, who pay bargain basement rent for the waterside space they occupy. Either they pay up major [market rent], so we can afford security for our park, which was taken away due to lack of funds, or get out!!!

Claudia Roussel, Park West resident.

Public Drunkenness

This is what 500 hundred residents see of their neighborhood as they open the door.

Photo, Jorge Sanchez.

Convenience stores continue to sell single beers, which contributes to the area’s panhandling plague.

Jorge Sanches, LOFT 2 Resident.

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