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A major shift in the construction industry. By Jessica Boudreaux.

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Oct 1 · 3 min read

So much has changed in our neighborhood and city. The last five years or so have seen an abundance of major construction. While the dust and traffic have been an inconvenience for us that dwell in the area, it has been hugely beneficial to people employed on these massive job sites! I have been surprised at just how many of those employees are women!

Women breaking ground in a male-dominated industry. Photo by Jessica Boudreaux

Any given day, you can drive through downtown and see large groups of women outside of a construction area. This is a major shift in a strictly male-dominated industry. I have found this nuance so exciting and impressive that I began to conduct informal interviews with some of the ladies at different sites and they have been kind enough to allow me to photograph them.

Practicality and style. Photo, Jessica Boudreaux.

You can find these ladies directing traffic outside the sites, toting tools, adding finishing touches, and dangling on swing stages! They may have to don the requisite uniform of neon vests, jeans, and construction boots, but they are also wearing makeup and earrings and looking cute while performing their trade!

Many of these women are making much better salaries than they were before. This allows them to enjoy the freedom and independence that come with financial stability. Some of these ladies are single mothers and having a viable trade allows them to better provide for their families.

I would encourage more women to pursue training and certificates in viable trades. Taking my own advice, I’m currently sitting for my General Contractor exams and look forward to working with them and you in the future!

Photo courtesy of Jessica Boudreaux.

Jessica Boudreaux

I am an interior designer, future General Contractor, and your neighbor here in downtown Miami. I first moved to the NE 2 Ave corridor in 2001. I started my business, Boudreaux Design Studio, in 2008, and bought a condo in downtown in 2011. Because of the nature of the down market in which I started my business, I spent extensive time on each job site. This has was incredibly beneficial to my professional development over the last 11 years and allowed me to learn so much about construction. Closely monitoring my client’s design and remodel projects also put me in a place to insist on a certain level of precision that isn’t so common. And, oh, I was often the only woman on the job site.

Boudreaux Design Studio:




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