First Year Doesn’t Count

Uni was what I expected tbh, I spoke to someone before who told me they were expecting an american “college”-esque experience which I can understand where they’re coming from but our societies are too different for the american model to ever be emulated here, the closest you get to frats here is societies/clubs which I didn’t bother to join lool.

Uni is basically like sixth form but you live away from home and have student loan money and you can do what you want. Its pretty cool really, its a worthy experience to have. You have the personal responsibilities of an adult ie keep yourself alive, pay your bills and buy fruits/veg but that’s as far as it goes really. Society doesn’t expect you to act like an adult really, you’re a student, there’s leeway, its cool.

I was always going to go to Uni, regardless of whatever, my parents always instilled in me that education is the only reason they brought me to this country so and I expect that’s the same with most people who come from immigrant families, so although I enjoy the freedom Uni comes with, as my mum told me before they left me in my halls room “Remember why you’re here” or something along those lines, so yeah guys, remember why you’re at Uni. Nightlife this nightlife that but at the end of the day, you’re not putting yourself in future debt to do rave, imo you CANNOT afford to fail first year the Uni itself would look at you like ?????

Going to Uni etc whilst not white has challenges in itself. For many people you’ll meet at Uni, they would have had limited interactions with non white people so be prepared for the questions, over exaggerated attempts to relate or complete change of mood/attitude towards you. The good thing about moving away is that it shows you a bigger world than what you’re used to so you understand people more, you get a sense of different cultures etc blah by moving elsewhere and interacting with new people, I do advise going to a Uni in an area foreign to you, although you’ll have to deal with the things mentioned above, its a worthy experience to have.

Most of my friends and I had the same upbringing so we really enjoy the freedom living away from parents come with, I understand the wazungu among you might not understand why this is such a big deal but yeah you can do what you want guys its lit.

It is ironic how you can be surrounded by thousands of people at Uni and feel isolated. I did feel like this at one point, I think it’s just the change of environment and normal routines that can have you feeling alone. I was in a place far from my best friends, in an area not as good as my hometown and I felt alone. Other people have also told me the same thing so I guess this is just expected when moving elsewhere.

I seem to have loads of people ask me about the workload and stuff at Uni, I think this varies with each course but I’d say it’s not too bad especially it being first year. Just like the level of difficulty, it is proportional to the standard of education you are at. The jump between A Levels and Uni is not like GCSE and A Level so don’t worry about that, I’d say your main concerns should be how you’re going to afford to live/survive and go out at least 3 times a week don’t be a bitch.

Lastly, everyone is basically in the same boat as you. I wasn’t allowed to sleep round my friend’s house growing up so knowing how to act around people you aren’t related to in that capacity can be strange to get used to. Luckily for me, my housemates were good but I know loads of people who hated their housemates lool I think it’s just a natural thing really, don’t be too concerned about it, just do you init.

Loads of people you will meet will have a different upbringing and experience than you, they may not be used to things you are, or how you conduct yourself, I feel like a lot of people go to Uni and reinvent themselves to fit in, I think that’s really lame. It’s not worth acting like something/someone you’re not just to avoid potentially being alone, don’t be a loser.

Btw first year DOES count if you do a placement so yeah that myth is a myth.

2016 was probably one of the best years of my life and Uni had a big part to play in that, among other things so yeah take from that what you will.

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