Intermittent Fasting

Hey guys, so instead of me introducing myself with a generic long ass post, I will be telling you about yours truly and the parts of my life that shape me, through a series of posts over the course of whenever I feel like writing. Here is my first post.

Like many of us, I was a fat child. To be honest I feel like everyone needs a ‘fat child’ phase to really glo up and improve as a person. However, unlike most people, my phase continued into my early teens and it wasn’t until I reached around 16 when I thought fuck this, it’s my turn to look good — or at least try to!

I joined the gym sometime in summer ’15 and haven’t looked back. Like everyone who goes to the gym, you believe you can lift heavier than you actually can and it’s not until the barbell is crushing your throat when you realise maybe you should go lighter. I never wanted to be bulky/hench or anything like that, I just wanted to lose weight and have a better body.

Nevertheless, I didn’t actually start seeing the results I was after, until I started ‘Intermittent Fasting’ (IF) during early 2016.
“What is this fasting you speak of, Adil?”
Good question, well according to Google, ‘Intermittent’ means ‘ occurring at irregular intervals’ and ‘fasting’ is ‘ willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time’. To me, the definition doesn’t really make sense as I fast for a regular interval of 16 hours a day and I drink water throughout the day. Gosh, ‘Google’ is as bad as ‘Wikipedia’ — joking ‘Wikipedia’ IS a credible source btw, your teachers are lying to you.

“Damn Adil, you don’t eat for 16 hours? How do you do that?”
Well, what people forget is the 7–8 (5–6 in my case) hours they spend sleeping actually count.. shocking I know. So technically you’re only really not eating for like 8 or so hours a day — much less scarier number right? Basically sleeping a lot helps. I currently have 7 hours and 55 minutes left until my eating window opens at 11 am and I am looking forward to it.

Even now, more than a year on from starting IF, I still look forward to my meals. I’m constantly planning meals in my head and looking up recipes, it’s probably not the best thing to doing whilst fasting but it just makes actually eating that much better for me — lol you can tell I was fat ergh. I took a couple months away from intermittent fasting during the summer of 2016, mostly because I worked a full time job around food and free Greggs doughnuts are too hard to turn down, you guys can probably sympathise with me on that part.

Being at Uni has made it so much easier for me as ultimately I can eat whatever and whenever I want. Being at home makes IF difficult as you kind of have to go with what everyone else is eating or else you’re not eating that day — this is probably another reason why I’ve seen a rapid improvement in my lifestyle, I am in control and I love it.

The great thing about IF is you don’t even need to eat those traditionally healthy ‘Instagram’ meals with avocado and stuff — god forbid, but obviously if you want change you need to change. As Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” something along those lines init. Therefore I do eat more consciously and I majorly calorie count which I think is the best way to go really as I would possibly use up more calories than I consume which results in fat loss.

So yeah, if you are wondering why you aren’t getting the results you’re after, try IF and tell me how you find it. Don’t get me wrong, I did play football for about 7 years before I started gym and I still wasn’t physically where I wanted to be. Consider change! You may find out (like me) that it’s one of the best you’ve ever done.