There are like 4200 religions in the world all claiming to be the right one, 4201 if you include Yeezianity which I’m a part of.

I have always thought that our generation would be the one who ends the importance of religion, especially in the western countries.

I realised how fucked up it is that I’d be more surprised when someone IS religious than not, in different parts of the world it’s the exact opposite, so maybe I’d have a different perspective in another life but I don’t rn so yeah.

I understand religion. I remember hearing a theory that it was designed by leaders to keep followers in check, you can see how that may be accurate tbf. Pharaohs made themselves into God’s for their followers to fear and worship, slave owners taught religion to slaves for the same reason, fear and to worship their commands, so it does make sense.

On the other hand, life is so strange and complex, religion answers our questions of life, why we’re here? To serve God because of God. What happens when we die? Heaven or hell. It’s convenient to believe in religion as it gives you answers and also inconvenient as it gives you guilt. Your actions become more personally scrutinised especially if they’re against the correct behaviours you have been taught through religion — resulting in a constant shame. It’s wrong for you to feel this way because God said so, It’s wrong to question his teachings it’s wrong to do what he said not to, breaking rules always comes with consequences so even if we do not feel said consequences now, in the back of our minds we sense the shame or we fear the threat of being eternally punished, it’s crazy. Personally I think it’s unfair for humans actions to be eternally judged based on temporary decisions made on a temporary earth.

I am not religious, nothing I do is with religion in mind. I have been brought up in a religious household, I know a lot about my prescribed religion and others too (idk why I’ve always been interested in religions) therefore I would say I can understand both sides of the argument for and against religion as I am personally not religious, I do what my religion tells me not to do.

This begs the question, how religious do you have to be to say or feel you’re part of a religion? Can you pick and choose? If so what’s the point in all the rules then? Like Sway, I don’t have the answers, but I do know religion is not one of my priorities rn.

I have tried to be religious and I feel I’m more religious or I make more of an effort when it is not forced on me, maybe I rebel on purpose bc it was forced on me idk.

The religion episode on Master of None is great, I feel I could really relate to it. Trying to find your place in society which your home religion does not really fit in to, keeping your true self away from your parents so they don’t feel like they’ve failed in raising you, I understand and relate to it all and I recommend you watch it if you haven’t already, regardless of your stance on religion.

Anyway I’m going to have to explain this post to God on judgement day anyway so the least you guys can do is share my tings and give me your thoughts/feedback..

let’s go hell together x

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