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Simple Todo app in Swift, EverydayTodo

App screenshot

Introducing EverydayTodo

Are you looking for a scheduling app right now? Have you ever had any difficulties using the app right after you downloaded it because of so many features provided and don’t know what to use? EverydayTodo provides you the simplest way to manage your tasks just in one.

There are only necessary features and removed all the unnecessary pages to save your time!

If you are looking for an easy and clean scheduling app, then EverydayTodo is the perfect app for you.


I’ve been studying Swift for 4 months already and i feel like this is the right time for me to make an app and see people’s reaction to get some motivation. So since this will be the first app that i’m making,

I looked for project lists to get some ideas and found out that many of the beginners make todo app as their first project and I feel like I can make one for myself too!

I actually see thousands of cute and lovely TODO apps on the app store already but most of them have many features and are a bit complicated to use until you get used to that app.

I believe a To-do list should be simple and easy to use like when the time there’s no smart devices. Remember, we used to write our to-do list using pen and paper.

Initial draft

How it works

FYI, you can check the previews at the end of the page.

  • Touch the plus icon to Add the task
  • Set date, and time for the notification
  • Long press to Edit or Delete the task
  • Touch the task to complete the task
  • Show the progress of the tasks in percentage
  • Customize own theme color

Tech Stack

  • Swift 5 : Programming language
  • Core data : For saving datas
  • Lottie : For stunning animation
  • Photoshop : For making design prototypes.

Challenges / Study Logs

I posted every topic that I found useful and the challenges that I faced while working on EverydayTodo app!

Thanks for reading! I will be posting about how to launch your app in the App Store and the difficulties that I have faced while updating the app. I think upcoming posts would be very useful to someone who just got into Swift like me! 🌟

I know the screenshot is too big to upload. That’s why I decided to put it at the end of the post for the people who wanna see the preview of the app without downloading.

Intro of the app & Add, Edit and Delete the task
Customizing theme color, Dark mode

🌚 I personally prefer the dark mode

What are you waiting for? Download and leave me a comment!




Daily study logs about iOS development will be updated. Any recommendations or discussions are always welcome

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Hey! I am currently studying iOS by myself, and wanna be a cool app developer 🕶 please correct me if i’m wrong or if there’s any thing that you wanna share😊✌️

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