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your skills enhanced

We have just put a new version of the ‘Skills’ module online. This is the first adjustment we have made to the resume since we launched our new version. We hope you’ll like it!

Let’s get straight to it, here’s a video introducing the new features:

1/ Display your skill level!

You can now show which skills you have mastered and which you have occasional experience in.

The formats currently available for the different designs.

2/ Add context!

You can also add details about each of your skills giving you the opportunity to explain why you rate yourself as ‘very good’ on a certain subject or to explain in more detail how you would like to develop a skill.

To give more context you can give additional details

What about the paper version?

On the paper versions of the resumes we just display the stars. If you’re not happy with that you can choose to hide them on the paper version.

There you go, that’s all for today! If you have feedback please don’t hesitate to share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or by e-mail!

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