How a contactless monitor is touching lives of cancer patients @ HCG Oncology

Cancer care is critical for several factors. Most cancer patients under chemotherapy and supportive care are extremely fragile given the highly toxic nature of medication and a lowered immunity. While it is primarily administered at hospital, in the current standard of care only severely critical patients are kept under continuous monitoring in ICU and step-down ICU. For all other critical patients, the onus is on the hospital staff to take periodic measurements of their vitals in wards. Low adoption of technology in health monitoring in wards is partly because of high costs and partly because of resistance from patients due to wires and electronics attached to the body.

At Dozee, our core philosophy for vitals monitoring has been that it should be continuous, contactless and cost-effective. Our efforts over the last 3 years have enabled us to achieve over 98% accuracy in heart rate and respiration rate compared to medical golden standards (ECG), while being contactless. On top of this, our focus on quantifying sleep quality and stress gives us key additional parameters to create a better understanding of an individual’s health deterioration as well as recovery.

With our missions aligned, we partnered with HCG Oncology (Bengaluru), one of the most prestigious and progressive cancer care institutions in India with unparalleled focus on emerging technologies to incessantly push the frontier of cancer care. In our interactions with the doctors and nursing staff at HCG, we all felt that there was an extreme need for better patient health monitoring in the wards as well as when they are at home in between the treatment sessions. We believed being contactless, requiring zero-setup and having the ability to continuously monitor patients’ vitals from anywhere could prove to be a game-changer in cancer care and we are glad we were proved right!

Over the course of last two months, Dozee has monitored 50+ solid cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and supportive care at HCG. This allowed the medical team at HCG to constantly track patients’ vitals and recovery while focusing on improving the quality of care. Seeing the psychological benefits that Dozee has brought in the lives of these patients, some of them have infact specially requested to take Dozee at homes after discharging from hospital. All this is bridging the gap between doctors and patients, bringing peace in doctors’ lives as well as they know there is someone continuously monitoring their patients.

Dozee has brought all ward-patients on single interface. Just another way Dozee is helping nurses and doctors become more efficient

“We believe the amount of data that we are collecting will allow us to better understand a patient’s response to the treatment and enable us to improve the kind of care we are able to deliver at an individual level, resulting in higher number of positive outcomes. We want to expand our use of such technologies and integrate them across the entire organization.”, says Dr. Radheshyam Naik, Head of Oncology Medicine, who led the study at HCG.

For us at Dozee, this is just the beginning of improving quality of critical care, and making our healthcare system more efficient.