10 ETH won with just one CryptoDoll

One user collected our Pam CryptoDoll worth 10 ETH, worth over $1,300

Worth 10 ETH Pam is a doll you’ll want to collect no matter what

Hi CryptoDozers,

Monumental news! One user has played CryptoDozer incredibly well, with skill and determination they managed to collect themselves an amazing CryptoDoll worth 10 ETH — worth over $1,300.

CryptoDozer lets you collect cute CryptoDolls, worth ETH with the ultimate CryptoDoll being worth 70ETH will you be the one to collect this ultimate doll?

CryptoDozer users are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is great news. However this 10 ETH doll is something special and is real game-changer in how ETH is rewarded to users. It is fantastic to be able to give CryptoDozer users serious rewards for their play.

With CryptoDozer’s popularity increasing each day, we really hope that this is just the start of some real ETH being earned by players. With CryptoDolls worth seven, 10 and even 30 ETH as well as the top CryptoDoll being worth 70 ETH there are some serious reasons to play CryptoDozer now.

We managed to talk to the skillful player about their time with the game and what it is that makes CryptoDozer their game of choice.

CryptoDozer Team: What were your impressions about winning 10 ETH?

marketer: My impression of winning 10 ETH was that I am very happy and shocked to be able to get 10 ETH dolls. I didn’t expect to get it, thanks Cryptodozer and I hope this project will be successful and sustainable.

CryptoDozer Team: Why do you keep playing CryptoDozer? & What is it specifically about CryptoDozer that you like the best?

marketer: I keep playing because I really like project dapps games and I’m a gamer, moreover making money from playing games. I really like CryptoDozer because it’s simple to play for everyone. Especially when waiting for the arrival of the doll- that makes the heart beat — and I was very happy when the bulldozer came out to make all the coins fall all the way down especially plus the wall can add a lot of coins

CryptoDozer Team: What other Crypto games do you play & how does CryptoDozer compare?

marketer: I play a lot of dapps games like Giftomon, etherkingdom, DrugWars, CryptoRancho and many others, all dapp games have their own features and advantages. With CryptoDozer, it’s fun because the game is already HD unlike most dapp games and CryptoDozer is very simple in its appearance so even new people can play it.

CryptoDozer Team: Do you have a specific game suggestion?

marketer: Nope there is currently no game suggestion because I haven’t found a game that lets you earn Eth as easily as CryptoDozer.

CryptoDozer Team: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

marketer: Another thing I want to convey to the CryptoDozer team is ability to open fancy chests using PLA or ETH. Keep adding other features and hopefully Cryptodozer is always successful and can continue forever thank you!

Our Crypto Dolls are all special, with their own tastes and style and Pam is no different. She’s our cheeky red rabbit, who likes nothing more than having a laugh, normally on you!

As Pam is one of our Gold Dolls, she’s quite special and quite a rare drop, so well done to our first collector. You’ve made some serious ETH!

With that ultimate 70 ETH CryptoDoll still out there waiting to be won, will you be the one to do it?

Its Play time!
Team PlayDapp


Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan

Written by

I work, write and occasionally play for PlayDapp.io — they make things you play.


Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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