12 ETH earned by six players!

Each player collected Amber, our Gold level CryptoDoll!

Hi CryptoDozers,

We’ve got brilliant news, six CryptoDozer players hit a lucky streak recently! Each of them managing to collect Amber, one of our gold level CryptoDolls, worth 2 ETH - a fantastic achievement! That means we gave out 12 ETH in just six exchanges — great news for CryptoDozer players.

The lucky six CryptoDozer players were:

isaacfufu — level 80
SosoK1 — level 74
Jingles — level 74
anlayaman — level 65
daxigua — level 63
Pizzak — level 37

Each of them has played incredibly well and it’s no surprise that you can find all of them listed in the top twenty of our Ranking Board. Can you join them?

The skillful six have managed to earn a fantastic amount of ETH with a single CryptoDoll — our mint-blue rabbit, Amber.

Who is just one of a number of high-value CryptoDolls players can collect in CryptoDozer. With some CryptoDolls worth seven, 10 or 30 ETH as well as the ultimate 70 ETH doll all waiting to be won! There are plenty of chances for players to earn some serious ETH with CryptoDozer.

Play CryptoDozer now: https://cryptodozer.io

It’s Playtime!
Team PlayDapp

Earlier in the week we had fantastic news, we gave out our first 10 ETH doll, read about it here:


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I work, write and occasionally play for PlayDapp.io — they make things you play.


Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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