I shouted so loudly I woke my neighbor up at 0:12 am — 30 ETH!

CryptoDozer’s second-biggest ETH win to date!

Hi CryptoDozer Rich, staggeringly good news!

The CryptoDozer team couldn’t be happier — and neither could the player- to have given away a gargantuan, tremendous, unbelievable & impossibly large 30ETH to one player! That’s over $5,000 to just one person, for collecting a single CryptoDoll.

Recently we gave out a staggering 70ETH, transforming the life of one CryptoDozer player. However just before that, we had another amazing win, we gave out our first Ellie CryptoDoll, worth a monstrous 30ETH! -almost as big as Ellie’s appetite.

We spoke to our fantastic 30ETH winner, to learn more about them. Our big winner’s real name is Lê Viết Duy, and he comes from the beautiful country of Vietnam. He’s currently studying hard at the University of Technology and Education, majoring in Printing Technology.

We are thrilled that we get to give out big wins to our players and that 30ETH & 70ETH have been won so close together. It’s a brilliant thing to have given out 100ETH to just two players, so close to each other.

Every win is exciting and our big winner LeVietDuy was certainly experiencing the most breathtaking of wins. Going so far as to forget that yelling at midnight might not make you that popular with the neighbors….

I shouted so loud that I woke my neighbor up at 0:12 am — I was just yelling “30 ETH!” — LeVietDuy

We have regular winners with CryptoDozer. A number of players have already won large amounts. However, 30ETH is a massive amount and one that means a whole lot to LeVietDuy, our lucky winner.

Lê Viết Duy- CryptoDozer’s first 30ETH winner

I’m just a lucky guy, playing the game for fun, not an investor-player… I am going to use it to travel to some countries then spend the rest!

It’s always fun hearing about every CryptoDoll that is collected, no matter how big or small. However, we know it can be extra exhilarating when a big ETH Doll is on the line and you’re trying your best to collect it, LeVietDuy’s experience is certainly one of the times where collecting the doll is almost too important.

The CryptoDoll dropped when I went up a level. I saw the violet color immediately. Thinking it looked great, I checked the prize amount as soon as possible… That’s 30 ETH! Oh my god, I was screaming out loud! After that, I knew I had to push “my luckiest doll” to the collection area no matter what…

We know that our CryptoDozer players decide to try the game for a number of reasons, and find out about the game in different ways. Not everyone is a crypto researcher, looking for the next big thing. Our 30ETH winner is a great example of a player who just thought it looked like a good time.

I watched a tutorial play on YouTube. Showing how to play CryptoDozer, and what its features were. It looked simple to understand and fun. So I decided to try it…

CryptoDozer has lots of reasons to play, some people just like that it’s a simple way to pass the time, with a chance to earn while you do. Others find the coin collecting just plain satisfying to achieve. Then for others, it’s all about the big prize, that 70ETH CryptoDoll. Our 30ETH winner was playing, like most, as a bit of fun and hoping for a big prize.

I play because it has big prizes and is easy to play. People are trying to get the high prizes, so I thought I would give myself a chance…

Of course, it’s no fun if the game is boring, or dull. Earning ETH alone doesn’t make a tedious game enjoyable. That’s why we’re really happy that the work we put into CryptoDozer’s design is appreciated. By all our players whether they are winning ETH or not.

CryptoDozer’s design is really nice. The sound too, it all looks impressive…

Part of the unique design of CryptoDozer is, of course, our cute CryptoDolls. Each one is worth ETH. It’s great that players collect them earning ETH as they do. With some having serious value, we’re thrilled that we get to give out amounts of ETH that can really change a players life.

This is the biggest ETH prize I have ever had in my life! It’s very important to me. It will help me massively at university. It’s almost a whole year’s tuition! Thank you a lot CryptoDozer team!

Packed full gameplay twists and turns, we know that every CryptoDozer player has their preferred feature, from Giant Coins, Fever time, to the humble Wall. Every single one keeps CryptoDozer fresh. Using these all together with each other is the real key to success.

SPIN! is one of the best parts! It’s a great help when I’ve lost too many coins…

CryptoDozer may be loved by a lot of players and it may be doing its thing — letting those players earn ETH! However, we know that you can always improve. Hearing about new feature ideas is always welcome. Our latest big ETH winner’s idea certainly is an interesting one.

I’d love to see a big winners announcement in-game — anybody that gets a CryptoDoll worth over 1 ETH could be announced to others that are playing…

It’s thrilling to be able to give out large amounts of ETH to players. It’s also fantastic to hear their story about winning and what it means to them. CryptoDozer might look like a simple game but it’s making a real change to players’ lives.

Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m the winner of 30 ETH! — LeVietDuy

We’ll leave the last words to Lê Viết Duy himself:

With CryptoDolls worth amazing values and fantastic gameplay, CryptoDozer has plenty to entertain. Whether you’re chasing one of those staggeringly valuable Gold CryptoDolls — worth seven, 10, or 30ETH — or just playing for fun it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Of course, we should all keep our eyes open looking for one of those colossal 70ETH CryptoDolls. As our latest big winner shows you don’t have to be a crypto expert to be the next CryptoRich!

Do you think you can join LeVietDuy as one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win: https://cryptodozer.io

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