Another mysterious 7ETH winner — But you’ll recognize the CryptoDoll!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Sep 9 · 4 min read

More gargantuan news!

Just days after the launch of the second game in the DozerFriends series, (available to play on mobile devices) CryptoDozer has had another large win.

Welcome to the rich club, Hulocan! You’re the latest player to scoop some serious ETH. All of at DozerFriends couldn’t be happier!

Normally we love to get a deep dive with our players and learn as much about them as possible however this time our winner was tight-lipped. In fact, this winner is a player but doesn't involve themselves in any of our community at all…. *sniff, sniff*

we agree with Jason, it’s a real shame

However, by a stroke of luck, one of our active discord members was the reason Hulocan managed the join the rich club. So a massive shout out to anlayaman who as it turns out was the cousin of our latest winner and the reason why they played the game.

It’s Hulocan! The mysterious but oh so lucky big ETH winner!

I play the game as Hulocan but that’s as far as the rest of the DozerFriends stuff goes, it’s not much that I engage with, it was my cousin who showed me the game and got me involved.

In real life, I'm from a place called Izmir, in Turkey, it’s got some great history to it and I’m super proud to live there. I’m actually retired, so I get time to spend on my own projects which is great! I’m a retired public accountant- so I know just how much that Lei Doll is worth!

I’m really happy that I started to play CryptoDozer, for me it’s really nice that I can play it anywhere- it’s on mobile and pc! I’m always multitasking so it’s awesome that I can play while watching TV or working on other projects. The fact that I can play and pause at any time helps as well. I can work and take a quick Dozer break.

CryptoDozer’s simplicity is amazing! But I do think of a few ways to improve things, such as checking that bag space! I know I can click or tap on it and check but I’d love to see how many spaces I have left at a glance.

I wouldn’t say I have any super special strategy but more consistent playing, I play every day. So I guess it has been persistence over skill which netted me that grumpy faced Lei!

The seven ETH doll is just one of several high-value CryptoDolls players can collect in CryptoDozer. With some CryptoDolls worth 10 or 30ETH as well as the ultimate 70ETH doll all waiting to be won there are plenty of chances for players to earn some serious ETH!

There’s been some big news recently, we’ve launched our second game!

DozerBird is available to play now on mobile. Play it to help earn more rewards in CryptoDozer!

Fly your way to crypto riches! DozerBird will test your tapping & timing! Control collectible Cute CryptoDolls, each with different skills and abilities. Fly through obstacles to collect Key fragments to use in Master powerups: BOOST, SHIELD & PREDICT to maximize your collecting and earn real crypto. All in a candy-coated world.

Do you think you can join Hulocan as one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:

Ready to take off? Then scan the QR Code below and Fly your way to crypto riches!

Play on your mobile device at


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