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You can now give to charity, earn guaranteed ETH and more!

Hey CryptoDozer Rich!

It’s been a while since we told you about an update, and there’s been a few! We’ve made some changes to how you can collect ETH and become CryptoRich. We’ve also launched a brand new scheme to let you do good while you play CryptoDozer.

You can check it all out over at, or read on to learn more!

So, let’s take a deep dive to understand these big changes!

The first change is one we’re really proud of! Not only will it help all players manage their CryptoDolls but also help every single one do some good. So let’s take a good look at how it works!

CryptoDozer’s CryptoDoll donation scheme!

What is this donation scheme?

CryptoDozer is incredibly excited to announce our just launched CryptoDoll donation scheme. Meaning now, all CryptoDozer players can do some good while earning ETH! Got too many CryptoDolls and need to make space for that big ETH value CryptoDoll that has dropped? Try our donation scheme, its perfect for doing good and clearing bank space.

How do I use this cool new feature?

Every time you visit the My Bank area, you’ll now see some enticing blue dots on your dolls.

That’s the symbol to let you know you can donate that CryptoDoll to our preferred charity UNICEF. And the best part is, every single CryptoDoll will be donatable, no limits on exchanges or minimums if you have collected it you can use it to do some good.

Simply click through to the exchange, like you would if you were trying to withdraw your own ETH. Once you’re there, you’ll be met with a familiar looking exchange screen. However, there are a few major differences. Let’s take a look at them now.

CryptoDoll Donate button

Blue is the color of donations

Next to each CryptoDoll is a brilliant blue donation button, meaning that you can pick each CryptoDoll individually to donate, great news for clearing out the lower level CryptoDoll. Simply click the button to begin.

Donation Ranking

Donating and doing good should be its own reward, knowing that you’ve made a difference thanks to your efforts and kindness is a great feeling.

However, we all know that doing good is, well, good… but a little bit of competition can work wonders on eking out a bit more good from people.

So we’ve built a donation ranking board, showing the top ten big donors! We’d love you to climb the ranking board and prove how generous you really are.

Showing off how good you are at CryptoDozer is always good fun. Showing off how generous you’ve been as a result, well that’s a whole new story!

UNICEF Donation guidance and Cryptocurrencies

This part is pretty important, it’s the guide to all the necessary Unicef information. UNICEF is a fantastic charity and one that does more good than we could ever write down. Working in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, defend their rights and help them to fulfill their potential. UNICEF never gives up.

Use the blue buttons to find out more about the work they do and how cryptocurrency donations help this vital work.

Donation rewards and what happens

You’ll find a super simple guide as to how the process works and a reminder that, as it’s Ethereum based there will be minimum gas-fees generated.

The process is also explained, telling you what will happen. That we’ll record your ID and put it on the donor list. Your CryptoDoll donations are set at 70% of the cost of a single new slot for you. There is also one more thing to note, we have an extra thank you to those who do donate.

100 free autodrops for being nice

Donating to do good is great and climbing the rankings is always fun. However, we know that it’s nice to get something back in return. So we’re ecstatic to reward each CryptoDoll Donation with an in-game item, for every CryptoDoll you donate, you’ll receive one hundred free autodrops.

So, now you know the basics of our CryptoDoll donation system and how it works, we hope that you’ll be really excited to start using CryptoDolls for good.

donate, get rewarded, climb the rankings

Introducing some brand new Fancy CryptoDolls

Meet our new cute CryptoDoll pals

We’ve teased them a bit online, over on Twitter and our Facebook group, but we’ve let loose some new super cute CryptoDolls, each one has its own unique personality and we can’t wait to introduce them to you.

We’ll be doing proper introductions of our new pals later, so keep an eye out across all our SNS and here on Medium.

There’s more to them than meets the eye. Each one has its own Rainbow-Star grade, and you’ll notice the higher the grade the bigger the ETH reward. All the way up to Lance’s stonking 7ETH!

So, how do you get your hands on one of these fantastic Fancy CryptoDolls?

Well, that leads us on to another recent change….

Ranked FancyChests — guarantee a minimum return!

CryptoDozer now has three ranked chests, all unlockable with keys, and all guaranteeing a minimum return for your leveling up.

Fancy Chest Grades

Cryptodozer now has Normal, Rare and Unique Fancy Chests. These three grades all contain a range of CryptoDolls, but each one guarantees a minimum amount of ETH. Meaning as you level up the rewards get bigger and better.

How do fancy Chests work?

As you increase levels you’ll get a fancy chest drop, you can see when the next chest will drop on the left-hand side, on your rank indicator. But that’s not all, you can also earn any grade of Fancy Chest on our luckyspin mini-game. You’re guaranteed an ETH reward just for leveling up in CryptoDozer.

What’s in a Fancy Chest?

Every Fancy Chest contains a special Rainbow Grade fancy doll, randomly determined according to the degree of rarity. As with our normal CryptoDolls, Fancy CryptoDolls are convertible to ETH at Exchange.

Normal Fancy Chests, the lovely looking red and gold ones, can contain a Fancy CryptoDoll of 1–3 Rainbow star grade.

Rare Fancy Chests, the rather fetching blue and silver ones, can contain a Fancy CryptoDoll of 3–4 Rainbow star grade.

Then there are the biggies, the real prizes, Unique Fancy Chests, these are the luxurious looking gold and purple ones. These beauties can contain a Fancy CryptoDoll of 4–5 Rainbow star grade.

Fancy Keys

How do Keys work?

Rare and Unique Keys have been developed as ‘NFT’ (non-fungible tokens) and we’ll soon be implementing a Key market place, more details when we have it.

To open a Fancy Chest, you’ll need the equivalent Key for its grade, our keys are split into three grades. Rather helpfully called, you guessed it:

Normal — unlocks a normal Fancy Chest (1–3 Rainbow star grade Fancy Dolls)

Rare — unlocks a Rare Fancy Chest (3–4 Rainbow star grade Fancy Dolls)

Unique — unlocks a unique Fancy Chest (4–5 Rainbow star grade Fancy Dolls)

As Rare and Unique keys are NFT tokens, there may be a short wait time, when using them to open a chest. If you see the spinning timmer, just wait and think about what you could be winning!

Unique key opening

How do I get Keys?

Buying keys works slightly differently depending on the Key Grade. To buy keys, simply click on the KEY button, in the purchase area.

You can buy Normal Keys with USD, using PayPal or Razer Gold, and buying 10 or 15 in one transaction nets you a coin bonus. Rare and Unique Keys are bought using ETH and those Rare and Unique Keys are the ones that can unlock the big prizes!

You’ll also get free Normal Keys when buying PLA, the more you buy the more free keys you’ll get.

we all love a freebie!

Freebies for everyone!

Free Autodrops until 05.01.2019!

free stuff — awesome

To celebrate these new changes we’re really happy to announce that until 05.01.2019(UTC) CryptoDozer is giving every single player free Autodrops.

Just go to and you’ll be greeted with our Free Autodrops announcement. Every single player will get free Autodrops, no matter your level.

Whoo hoo, those coins will be dropping and you’ll be collecting ETH without lifting a finger!

With CryptoDolls worth amazing values and fantastic gameplay, CryptoDozer has plenty to entertain. Whether you’re chasing one of those staggeringly valuable Gold CryptoDolls — worth seven, 10, or 30ETH — or just playing for fun it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Of course, we should all keep our eyes open looking for one of those colossal 70ETH CryptoDolls. As our latest big winner shows you don’t have to be a crypto expert to be the next CryptoRich!

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