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The CryptoDozer team is incredibly happy to announce the beta version of CryptoDozer Mobile

Hi CryproDozerers!

Mega news, we’ve been hard at work and after just a bit of a sleepless night, we are delighted to announce you can now play CryptoDozer anywhere you want!

That’s right we’ve done the hard work and squeezed all that CryptoDozer fun into a mobile version! And even more importantly it’s on mainet!

Will you use this version to join the CryptoRich club?

Please be aware CryptoDozer mobile is still very much a beta and so we are always improving. There may be some bumps along the way, you can report problems using our CS form or in our dedicated Discord Channel:

Recommendations to have the best CryptoDozer Mobile experience
Android OS of at least 7.0 and 8.0 upwards recommended.
Hardware specifications of Galaxy S7 and higher recommended.
iOS support of iOS 12.2 or later versions with Safari updates.

Introducing CryptoDozer Mobile

Go to on your mobile device and you’ll be able to play and earn ETH anywhere you go!

Simply go to on your mobile device to start playing today.

The best thing is that if you’ve played cryptoDozer already all your game progress will carry over- simply import your existing MetaMask wallet into the mobile Portis wallet.

Important steps to take to guarantee that you can play CryptoDozer seamlessly across both PC web and Mobile Browsers.

1) Either connect or create your Portis wallet account -it’s really easy and simple to do. You can even do it in CryptoDozer the first time you play. In fact, you’ll get a prompt as soon as you get to

2) Log in or Create your Portis account. Provide your email and password to log in or click the create new wallet option if you don’t have Portis.

3) Connect your newly created or existing Portis account to CryptoDozer by clicking on continue.

You can now play CryptoDozer! If you have already started playing PC web Browser then Follow the next steps to import your MetaMask wallet and play with one account anywhere!

Import your MetaMask wallet into Portis.

Import your wallet from MetaMask into Portis to allow seamless play between mobile and PC web browser.

1) Go to the ‘Support’ tab at the top of the CryptoDozer mobile screen and click ‘Open my Wallet’

Click ‘Open Wallet’ at the bottom to go to the Portis page

Alternatively, go directly to in your PC browser.

2) Log in and follow these steps to import your account using the 12-word Mnemonic/Seed words.

If you don’t know your 12-word Mnemonic/Seed words please click here for a recovery guide.

Click on ‘Import Wallet’ at the bottom of the screen

We suggest using the Mnemonic/Seed word option for the easiest & safest importing process.

3) Click ‘Mnemonic Phrase’ to import the phrase recorded from MetaMask.

4) Either paste or type the 12 words and then click Import, and then click the Cool button to complete the Process.

Now you can play CryptoDozer anytime, anywhere using your PC or mobile with the same account!

Bonus tip for Portis

You can select the account to play with, in the menu — ‘Select Active Wallet’.

MetaMask 12-word Mnemonic/Seed word recovery guide.

You need the seed words (random English words) of your account to connect your accounts

If you did not back up your seed words when creating MetaMask please check the guide below.

1. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the MetaMask pop-up window to click on ‘Settings’ in the menu

2. Click ‘Security & Privacy’

3. Click on the ‘Reveal Seed Words’ button to enter a password and back up the seed words.

Please be aware cryptodozer mobile is still very much a beta and so we are always improving. There may be some bumps along the way, you can report problems using our CS form or in our dedicated Discord Channel:

Do you think you can join the growing ranks of Crypto Rich and be one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH waiting to be collected. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:


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