CryptoDozer Secrets #02 — Catch a Fever

Combine a Wall and Fever Time for some serious coin-gains!

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CryptoDozer has now gone live and you can play it at

Hey CryptoDozer Rich!
Want to know a real power move for collecting crypto dolls and coins?

Oh, you don’t? Well OK, I’ll just keep it to myself then……Oh, I just can’t! I’ve got to tell people about this great little coin combination.

While playing CryptoDozer you’ll notice the special coins that drop on the board; such as Giant Coins, Coin Party or Plus XP coins. Learn all about them here:

Two of those coins go together like peanut butter and jelly. The superstar combination of: Fever Coin & Wall Coin.

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Fever Coin & Wall Coin - a match made in crypto-heaven

However, like all good pairings you’ve got to put in a little work to get the best out of them.

Wall Coin & Fever Coin: 101

Let’s learn about the two coins, the more we know, the better we can use them. First up Wall Coin:

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Good ol’ Wall Coin

Wall Coins have a chance to drop onto your field of play after combos — collecting three or more regular coins at once. Keep an eye out because they’re worth collecting. Each one you collect gives you a Wall Item; which is incredibly useful. Deploy the Wall Item to build a wall on both sides to stop coins from falling over the edges. You’ve got to be quick however, as these walls won’t be around forever — just twenty seconds!

Alright, now we know how to handle Wall Coin let’s Look at Fever Coin.

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Fever Coin — a little more demanding than Wall Coin

Fever Coins, just like Wall Coins, have a chance to drop onto your field of play after combos — collecting three or more regular coins at once. Keep an eye out for these little gems, as they’re really powerful. Collect Fever Coins to charge the fever meter on the left-hand side. Don’t worry there’s more to fever coins than just a meter, every fifth Fever Coin you collect will activate Fever Time.

Fever Time

When Fever Time is active, all coins on the field of play are converted into Double XP coins, any bonus coins are unaffected. Collecting coins during Fever Time will get you two coins in your bank and two XP. Not too bad, double the coins and double the XP what’s not to love? But there’s more! When you’re in Fever Time you can drop as many coins as you want with no cool down, so get clicking!

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Fever Time — a fever worth catching

OK, so you’re in Fever Time, coins are raining down and you’re collecting double the coins and double the XP, but there’s a problem. Coins are still going over both sides and bonus coins and a crypto doll are dangerously close to joining them, what are you going to do; stop clicking and let the precious bonus XP and double coins slip away? No way!

Use one of your Wall Items to rescue that precious crypto doll and bonus coins. Easy, just click on the Wall Item and you’re safe!

Wait, why isn’t the wall coming up? No that’s Amber, she’s a really good doll, she can’t fall off the edge. Urrrgghhh…..

That’s how I lost Amber, one of our gold rank crypto dolls and had to go have a cup of tea and calm down. Learn from my mistakes CryptoDozer Rich, don’t let a great chance go wrong.

You see there’s a trick to maximizing Fever Time, get your wall up before! Look at the field of play and work on getting that Wall Coin in your collection before the fifth Fever Coin is collected. If things are too tight and it looks like you may not get it in the right order, you can always buy a Wall pack, netting you five walls ready for any Fever Time.

Step 1: Collect your wall coins.
Step 2: Collect four Fever Coins & get the fifth ready to drop
Step 3: Build that wall but don’t panic if you haven’t got a wall ready — you can buy a booster pack.
Step 4: Collect that last Fever Coin and get ready for some serious coins!

Want to know the latest about CryptoDozer? Catch up here!

Let’s Play More!
We’ll be back soon with other secrets, tips and tricks. If you discover one then let us know below and if it’s really good we might just feature it here.

Learn more about CryptoDozer:

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