CryptoDozer Secrets #03 — Giant Coin Slide

Use coin placement & a bit of planning to get those heavy coins moving fast.

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Apr 2 · 5 min read

Hey CryptoDozer Rich!

It’s time for some more CryptoDozer tips and tricks, guaranteed to help turn you from CryptoDozer Novice to CryptoDozer expert!

Previously we’ve talked about, coin placement & a powerful coin combination.

This time I want to talk to you about a big trick. The Giant coin slide. It’s not easy and it can sometimes go wrong but when you do it right, oh boy is it satisfying!

We’ve all been there, your play area is nice and controlled, you’ve used good coin combinations and you’re lining up your next move when BAM! a Giant Coin drops — shaking the board and generally making a mess of your plans. Not only that but have you noticed those big boys sure are heavy, needing some real push power behind them to move.

How would you like a neat little trick to keep your play area in good order and move those heavy Giant coins quicker than ever?

Introducing the Giant Coin Slide!

Here’s the basic idea — we are going to slide a Giant coin down the play area, letting it ride on top of other coins. Sounds a bit crazy right, but it sure can be fun.

Like all good CryptoDozer secrets it requires some pre-planning and paying attention to what is on your play area as well as what is about to be there. So read on and learn. Who knows it may help you to win the grand prize 70ETH CryptoDoll!

Giant Coin slide basics

The Giant Coin slide is simple to learn and understand but it’s a tricky skill to master. You’ll need to pay attention to a few key areas of the board and manage your coin drops to successfully pull this one off.

There are three main areas to manage, The next special coin drop, The dozer drop — where all the coins are collectedand the coin drop sweet spot. Let's talk about each of these and how managing them all will let you pull off this neat little trick.

The next special coin drop

You need to pay attention to which special coin is about to drop next. What you’re looking out for is the red Giant Coin charge-up. When you see this it’s time to start planning your next steps.

The Dozer drop

You’ll need to pay attention to when the Giant Coin charge-up starts to get near the edge of the Dozer Drop. Pay careful attention to this, as once it’s over the edge a Giant Coin will drop. If you don't plan properly you won't be able to pull off this great trick.

Coin drop sweet spot

This is perhaps the most important part, so pay attention. You need to aim your coins for a specific slice of the coin drop area. I’ve handily highlighted it in yellow. What you want to do is lay two rows of coins in this specific area. You’ll need two rows as you're going to pull off something special. With just six coins, you’re going to trigger a giant coin and catch it.

Put it all into practice

Now you’ve got to combine all the knowledge that you’ve gained. I’ll break it down in three simple steps.

Step 1. Position a Giant Coin Charge up to be right on the edge of the drop.

Step 2. Line up coins in the coin drop sweet spot to push the Giant Coin Charge up over the edge.

Step 3. With the same coins in place, catch the Giant Coin that drops.

Put it all together and you’ll soon have giant coins moving faster than any coins have ever gone before.

If it all sounds a bit confusing watch this handy video. In it, you’ll see one Giant Coin that is already sliding away and a second that I catch using the Giant Coin Slide.

Now you know the super secret Giant Coin Slide, it’s time to put it into practice. Use it to boost your coin collecting and to keep earning ETH With CrypotDolls.

CryptoDozer users are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is great news. With a range of CryptoDolls, some with ETH values of one, two, seven, 10 and 30ETH there are plenty of reasons to play. And of course, there is the ultimate 70ETH CryptoDoll waiting for one skillful player.

Can you use the skill you've gained to win the ultimate 70ETH CryptoDoll?

Let’s Play More!
We’ll be back soon with other secrets, tips and tricks. If you discover one then let us know below and if it’s really good we might just feature it here.

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