CryptoDozer Secrets #04 — Neat and Tidy coins & Coin Stall

Use a little spot of the game area for both these useful tricks

Hey CryptoDozer Rich!

It’s that time again, where we share with you another great coin tip! However this time, we don’t want to give you just one, we’re giving you two! Double the tips, double the power. Ready to take your cryptoDozer knowledge up a notch, then read on!

This time we’re going to look at two tips that you can use individually or combine to great effect. Slide em neat and straight will get those coins in perfect little rows, ready to push for coin combos. Coin Stall will stall those coins and let you gather them in a lump, ready to push. This powerful lump of coins could be the difference between collecting a massive CryptoDoll or letting it drop out…

Tip one

A while ago, we made the game deck a bit more interesting, a fresh lick of paint, and just generally made it nicer to play CryptoDozer. Now, that update and the way the game deck looks is really crucial to these new secrets.

This tip requires you to get your clicking finger finely tuned to not just a space on the board but also the rhythm of the pusher.

What you need to do is position your mouse in just the right area, on the right or left of the drop area. I've chosen the left and highlighted the area in yellow.

Aim for where the first big drip of purple frosting is and you should be right on the money — well crypto!

The next part is to make sure you have the pusher halfway and going backward!

I'm going to repeat that, the pusher must be halfway and moving backward.

Get this right and when you drop your coin you’ll see it slide across the deck and bounce off the opposing wall. The pusher will then take it forward in a nice straight line. Combine multiple coins and you'll be knocking combo coins off with ease.

If it all sounds a bit hard to understand, just watch this video, and you’ll soon be sliding like a pro.

slide em straight and line em up

Tip two

Want to know how to build up a mass of coins and reduce the number of valuable coins that fall off the edge? Of course you do! Well read this next tip and you’ll be even more powerful in your coin collecting prowess!

Again, we are dealing with a specific sweet spot and the pusher.

What you need to do is position your mouse in just the right area, on the right or left of the drop area. I’ve chosen the left and highlighted the area in blue.

The next part is to make sure you have the pusher all the way at the back. You’ll need to time this so that you click as it hits the furthest back point.

I’m going to repeat this, the pusher must be all the way back and you must click just as it hits the furthest back it can go.

If you time this right, you’ll see the coin you’ve dropped hit the deck and bounce up against the wall and stall. Boom you’ve just done the coin stall!

If it sounds hard, that’s because it sort of is. Watch the video below, to help you understand what you need to do.

The coin stall can help you collect a number of coins on one side, building up a powerful lump that if you combine with slide em straight will see combos dropping like never before.

Now you know the super secret method to group coins and how to get neat and tidy pushing rows it’s time to put it into practice. Use it to boost your coin collecting and to keep earning ETH With CrypotDolls.

CryptoDozer players are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is great news. With a range of CryptoDolls, some with ETH values of one, two, seven, 10 and 30ETH there are plenty of reasons to play. And of course, there are the ultimate 70ETH CryptoDolls waiting for those skillful players.

Can you use the skill you’ve gained to win the ultimate 70ETH CryptoDoll?

We’ll be back soon with other secrets as well as tips and tricks. If you discover one then let us know below and if it’s really good we might just feature it here.

With CryptoDolls worth amazing values and fantastic gameplay, CryptoDozer has plenty to entertain. Whether you’re chasing one of those staggeringly valuable Gold CryptoDolls — worth seven, 10, or 30ETH — or just playing for fun it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Of course, we should all keep our eyes open looking for one of those colossal 70ETH CryptoDolls. You don’t have to be a crypto expert to be the next CryptoRich!

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