CryptoDozer’s second 20 DozerBird BUD Winners!

We’ve given out another 200 BUD tokens to CryptoDozer Players

Hi DozerFriends,

You may have noticed, we’ve been super busy lately and released our second game in the DozerFriends world, the super sweet and sugary DozerBird. Use those Fancy CryptoDolls from CryptoDozer, to fly your way to CryptoRiches.

Watch the video below for a super simple explanation of the way CryptoDozer and DozerBird connect with each other.

CryptoDozer’s second twenty BUD winners

To celebrate we’ve also been running a super cool competition, letting all of our CryptoDozer Players get into the fun of DozerBird and rewarding the very best CryptoDozerers out there!

We decided to give out 10 BUD (DozerBird Play Tickets) to every single player in the top twenty on the CryptoDozer leaderboard. Every week until 09.30.19

Our second full week has just passed and we’ve released the BUD to each player!

We know lists aren't super fun to read so instead check it out in our twitter feed!

Need a refresher on the competition?

Supersale! DozerBird BUD cost reduced.

We’ve slashed the price of BUD right now every single BUD pack is reduced by 30%!

Ready to take off? Then scan the QR Code above and Fly your way to crypto riches!


DozerFriends Team!

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