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Feb 26 · 2 min read

Hi, CryptoDozer Rich!

Ready for this week’s doll?
Meet Amber, CryptoDozer’s adorable mint blue rabbit and learn about what she loves!

Hello from Amber

“Hi… my… my name is Amber….
I’m just a little shy being in the spotlight….
When I meet a new person or get embarrassed, my eyes start to spin. @.@.. .oh no there they go….


I… I love dinosaurs! I’m always with my favorite friend, DINO. We do everything as a team! We eat, sleep, play and even go to school together. Sometimes, I wish I was a huge dinosaur… they are so strong and I bet they never get shy!

Maybe you can become as good a friend to me as DINO is!”

I’m sure you’ve noticed Amber is a little shy and a bit clumsy. However, you’ll love Amber when you meet her in-game and that’s because she’s one of our gold level dolls — which means more ETH! Amber may look like a softie on the outside but inside she’s as strong as any dinosaur!

Collect Amber now and become her friend!
Amber is one of our high value crypto-dolls. Despite her shy nature, Amber is definitely worth collecting at any cost. You won’t see her often in-game so you’ll have to try hard to become her friend!

Top Tip
Check your inventory before you get a new doll. If your inventory is full you won’t be able to store any new ones that you collect. You can purchase more slots to increase your inventory capacity or exchange the dolls you have collected into ETH on our exchange marketplace.

While Playing CryptoDozer you’ll meet many different dolls and getting to know each one better is really fun!

Can’t wait to meet Amber?
Play CryptoDozer today and be Crypto Rich!

Play CryptoDozer today and try to collect Amber

Stay tuned to meet our next doll of the week.
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