Doll of the week #09 — Twinky

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Jan 14 · 4 min read

She’s pretty as a picture and possibly just the happiest anyone can be!

Hi DozerFriends! We’ve been so busy running Christmas events, looking back at our first year and just generally giving out tips on DozerBird that some of our DozerFriends have been feeling neglected. So without delay, it’s time to meet another of our superstars!

DozerFriends, meet Twinky! The Unicorn of your dreams!

There are two main things to know about Twinky the unicorn.

1) She’s just the cutest unicorn that can be and she’s cool with that.

2) She’s damn brave as she’ll tell you.

So, let’s hand it over to Twinkly!

Hi!! I’m Twinky and I just love to be oh so cute. But then what would you expect when you start off as a pink and purple-haired Unicorn with rainbow eyes! Some people are just blessed to be one of the cutest in room!

I do work at it however! It takes some serious effort to maintain a casual cute as a button look. So, you’ll often find me with a mirror in one hoof and a powder puff in the other!

It’s a tough job, but guess what, I’m one tough unicorn! These horns aren’t just for show, when push comes to shove, we know what has to be done. In fact, while some of my DozerFriends panic at the site of the Dozer coming forward, I step up and help a friend. Just check out the video of me rescuing Quickslo. As the dozer comes, who’s there dragging him away and carrying him to safety?

Me that’s who!

While I may love to be cute it’ll never stop me being there for a friend. When you collect me, I’ll be there for you too!

Check out Twinky in all her braveness

More reasons to love Twinky

While we’re sure you’ll love Twinky for her spunky personality and ability to do what’s right we know some of you will need a little more convincing. Let's check those stats!

CryptoDozer Twinky!

A three-star Fancy CryptoDoll, Twinky comes in at a respectable 0.1ETH, just perfect for getting to that exchange point.

You’ll find her in Normal Fancy Chests as well as Magic & Rare Chests just itching to come out and play.

DozerBird Twinky!

Twinky shines again in DozerBird. She’s a solid choice for flying and collecting coins!

Coming with a nice balance of 65 for Flying control and 75 wind resistance she’s a stable choice to make your way.

Stacked with +3s to the Predict Binoculars and even better a +2s to the Booster Boots!

We know you’ll get along well with the rainbow eyed pink and purple-haired unicorn of your dreams!

Twinky has one little request for you.

While you’re here…

We don’t do too much of the old “make noise for us” routine. But this tweet got us thinking, what if instead of focusing on just the one game, people shouted about two, interconnected games…. that’d be a cool thing for 2020.

So go give, DozerFriends a shout on twitter.

DozerFriends Team!

Ps. keep your eyes open across the DozerFriends world. With one eye on the calendar, there’s a big event on the horizon. We hope you’ll see the moon during it….

CryptoDolls have a range of values and rankings, including Fancy, Bronze, Silver & Gold! With ETH value reflected accordingly. Our Silver CryptoDolls are worth up to one ETH while our Gold CryptoDolls can be worth two, seven, 10 and even 30ETH.

Then there’s the ultimate prize, a special 70ETH CryptoDoll! Winners of these CryptoDolls really will be the ultimate Crypto Rich. Can you collect the ultimate prize?

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