Doll of the week #7 — Ellie

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
May 2 · 4 min read

With a monster appetite and a monster ETH value what’s not to love?

Hi, CryptoDozer Rich!

It’s been a while since we said hello to one of our adorably cute CryptoDolls. Instead, we’ve been giving out tips, making game changes and generally giving out big, big eth! In April, our players collected over 370ETH alone. Where you amongst them? You can be, just visit

Check out some highlights below!

However, now it’s time to let another of our CryptoDoll palls join in the fun and give their personality time to breath. This time, we’re featuring one of the biggest CryptoDolls possible, an insatiable pal, one who is never satisfied with what they have, hungry for more ETH, — well, they’re certainly hungry that’s for sure!

Meet CryptoDozer’s sandwich snacking, milkshake swigging, chicken chomping and all around greedy guts Ellie!

Ellie is our incredibly special purple panther and while she may never be full from what she’s put in her belly, your wallet will be stuffed with the amount of ETH that she’s worth.

Hello from Ellie

“*buuuurrrrrrrrp*, mmm-mmm that was a great sandwich, juicy tomatoes, crispy bacon, the stinkiest cheese, oh and that bread — delicious! I’ll just wash it down with a small drink and then I’ll be with you. Hmmm, coca-cola… nah…. ooh a rootbeer float… I dunno…. wow a triple choc-chip, strawberry, and vanilla milkshake?!? Just the ticket, *sluuurp*, *sluuurp* ahhh…

I’m Ellie, a pretty special panther round these parts. There’s nothing I like better than chomping down on a big meal, well maybe a dessert! I’m a pretty simple character in life. The best thing is to have a full belly and know when your next meal is.

You name food and I’ve had it! I’ve eaten steaks from coast to coast with taters and toast, I’ve munched on mangos and bananas in the Bahamas, guzzled enough milkshakes to become part-cow and I once even had a salad — won’t be doing that again, too many greens can make you go a funny color.”

Um Ellie, is there anything else you want to talk about other than what you’ve eaten?

“Oh, well if I have to… I’m crazy about food, doesn’t matter what. If it’s edible I’m going to give it a chew and see what happens! I don’t just love eating it, I love everything to do with food. Knowing where it’s from, is it organic — locally grown, an artisan bakery or a Mom & Pop shop serving the neighborhood?

One of the reasons why you haven’t seen me collected much, is I spend a whole bunch of my time traveling around finding the latest place to eat. And while I’m there, well it would be mad to not have a little taste, slurp some soup or chomp on a chocolate cake, tear into a tiramisu, munch on a mango salad, demolish a plate full of dates, conquer a leaning tower of pizza, chug a cherry soda….

*drool starts dripping from Ellie’s mouth*

I think, we should leave Ellie, while we can still walk away rather than having to swim…

Ellie may be shyer than some of our other CryptoDoll pals, but we’ve been lucky enough to meet her before. One skillful player managed to collect her, netting themselves a belly-busting 30ETH in the process! You might remember, player LeVietDuy.

Ellie may be a bit of a glutton, but as she’s worth 30ETH her appetite is worth indulging. Ellie is one of our gold CryptoDolls, in fact, she’s the second highest valued CryptoDoll we have, meaning if you’re lucky enough to collect her in-game, she’ll stuff your wallet full of so much ETH you’ll be able to afford the food bill.

Ellie is just one of several high-value CryptoDolls you can collect in CryptoDozer. With gold CryptoDolls being worth seven, 10 and even 30ETH, as well as the ultimate 70ETH CryptoDolls, there are plenty of chances to earn serious ETH with CryptoDozer!

Play CryptoDozer now:

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