DozerBird 101: FAQ

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Nov 19 · 6 min read

Hi, DozerFriends!

Use our super handy DozerBird FAQ to get to grips with the basics of the game and more. With this, you’ll soon go from crash landings to endless flights!!

We’ve tried to cover everything and more so use the quick links below to get started.

DozerBird Account

Can I play the game without a blockchain wallet?

You can play DozerBird without a MetaMask account, as we support a “Guest Play” mode. However, “Guest Play” only has a limited number of plays. Also, the better DozerDolls are only available to use with a linked wallet.

To enjoy all that DozerBird has to offer, we encourage you to connect to a blockchain wallet.

How to end Play

Once you have connected a wallet, DozerBird safely saves and keeps your latest gameplay without any additional actions. You can continue your previous play when re-visiting the game. Simply close the browser.

DozerBird & CryptoDozer Interconnectivity

CryptoDozer and DozerBird both support Portis, MetaMask and Samsung blockchain wallet. For the best experience and to share assets across games we recommend that you play with the same account address for both CryptoDozer and DozerBird.


The PLA token of DozerBird and CryptoDozer is shared. When spending you’ll spend from the same pool of PLA in both games


You can use any Fancy CryptoDoll you own in CryptoDozer as a character in DozerBird.

If you exchange a CryptoDoll in CryptoDozer, it will no longer be available in DozerBird.


Keys obtained from DozerBird can be used in CryptoDozer after exchange.

DozerBird Characters

There are 16 characters that can be used in DozerBird and more will be added as time progresses. All 16 characters have the basic abilities of Flying Control and Wind Resistance. The rarer the character in CryptoDozer the better they will be in DozerBird.

The characters in DozerBird are the same as the fancy dolls you currently have in CryptoDozer.

If you exchange dolls in CryptoDozer, you will no longer be able to use them in DozerBird.

The default character is Dani and locked characters can be obtained from CryptoDozer.

Once you have acquired the Fancy doll from CryptoDozer, you can use it in DozerBird. If you exchange or remove a doll in CryptoDozer, it will no longer be available in DozerBird.

  • CryptoDozer users must play with the account address they are using before they can use the locked character.

DozerBird Character abilities

Each DozerBird has two default abilities but some are better at them than others.

Flight control is a rating of how well a character can fly. The higher the number, the easier they are to control.

Wind resistance is a measure of how much wind affects the character. The higher the number, the less wind affects the character’s flight.

Basic Gameplay

Guide your chosen DozerBird thorough the gaps in the pipes to collect keys. Keep the DozerBird in the air by clicking or tapping on the screen, time your clicks/taps correctly to not hit the ground our the top of the screen.

Avoid the pipes, if you hit one it’s game over. You can use a booster at any time as long as you have some.

The main aim of DozerBird is to collect the key fragments to create a whole key.

All four key types are broken down into 12 pieces each. Fly through the gaps and collect the parts. You’ll see the key parts collecting and forming a whole key as you collect them.

DozerBird Boosters

These bootiful booster boots not only look stylish, with their sweet wing attachment but they pack a serious punch!

Fire up these bad boys on your flying pall and watch them go from a modest flap to supersonic.

There’s more to Booster than just some speed, booster also lets you smash through any barrier in your way.

Booster is such a powerful little tool that you only get three uses in a single run, no matter how many you own, with great power does come great responsibility after all.

Don’t let anyone come along and burst your ETH collecting run! Bubble up and get protection from anything in your path.

The shield is a great little safety item perfect to pop up when you’re worrying that your awesome run is going to end early.

Use shield wisely as it’s a one-hit-wonder, catch any obstacles and before you know it POP!

Where’s the next pipe, are you too low or too high, will you hit it and lose that precious BUD flight token?

Fire up predict and you’ see a super helpful little arrow show you the clearest path to victory!

Exchanging Keys

Once you have collected all 12 key part variations you can exchange that key to your wallet and then use them in CryptoDozer. There are three main steps.

You can exchange your keys to CryptoDozer at the ‘Exchange’. Click the ‘Exchange’ button on the left side of the main game screen.

You’ll see all the completed Keys you have collected here. Clicking the “Get Button” will start exchanging that key type. All keys of that type are exchanged at once. (Quantity not adjustable).

Do not close the exchange page while the exchange transaction window is open! You may encounter errors if you do.

※ Depending on gas fee and network conditions transaction time will vary.

※ You may need to allow up to 24 hours to receive your Key. (working day)

※ Once your exchange has been completed, the transaction cannot be restored or returned.

If you can’t find the right answer for your question then feel free to contact us on discord or on the telegram group.

Cheers Team PlayDapp
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