DozerBird-ie Boosters!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Sep 25 · 3 min read

Can’t quite get that last key chunk? It’s time to brush up on some DozerBird boosters!

Hi DozerFriends,

Love the CryptoDoll that you’re flying with but can’t seem to get that final key fragment you’ve been after?

Time to brush up on the basics of the three boosters for DozerBird, use them singularly or in combination to really get a wing up!

Let’s look at them, in turn, to get a better understanding of how we can use them.

#1 — Booster — the big daddy around these parts!

These bootiful booster boots not only look stylish, with their sweet wing attachment but they pack a serious punch!

Fire up these bad boys on your flying pall and watch them go from a modest flap to supersonic. Boosting forward like a DozerBird never has before!

There’s more to Booster than just some speed, booster also lets you smash through any barrier in your way.

Who’s got time to navigate obstacles when your flying like mad!

Booster is such a powerful little tool that you only get three uses in a single run, no matter how many you own, with great power does come great responsibility after all.

#2- Shield- safety in a bubble

Don't let anyone come along and burst your ETH collecting run! Bubble up and get protection from anything in your path.

But be careful, much like the famous song, blowing bubbles don’t last forever! They may rise so high, but even they have to pop eventually.

The shield is great little safety item perfect to pop up when you’re worrying that your awesome run is going to take an early (bubble)bath….

Use shield wisely as it’s a one-hit-wonder, catch any obstacles and before you know it POP!

#3- Predict- know what’s in front of you!

Where’s the next pipe, are you too low or too high, will you hit it and lose that precious BUD flight token?

Sounds too stressful, why not give yourself a helping hand with these questions and let predict tell you a thing or two.

Fire up predict and you’ see a super helpful little arrow show you the clearest path to victory!

What’s even better is this sweet little heads up is currently on sale, so load up now!

DozerBird lets you collect key fragments to unlock Fancy Chests in CryptoDozer, each fancy chest is stuffed with valuable CryptoDolls worth ETH.

And the best thing is that every single one of the fancy CryptoDolls can be used back in Dozrebird to collect more ETH. The more valuable the CryptoDoll the better it’s flying potential!

Don’t forget the DozerBird open event closes on 09.30.19 00:00 UTC — it’s the last chance to get those free BUDS — Scan the QR Code or go to


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