DozerBird — Shop till you drop!

We’ve totally changed the DozerBird shop — and what’s a shop without a sale

Hi DozerFriends

We love that we have two awesome games that help you to supercharge your ETH collecting and general playing. Having players be able to hop between games easily and carry items between them is super satisfying to see. But we're always looking at ways to improve what we have, so we put our thinking caps on…..

Introducing the new look DozerBird shop!

Chock full of the great items that have always been there but we’ve made it super easy to move between all of them and even easier to pick the exact way want to pay.

We’ve made all in-game items accessible from any one of the booster icons. If you’re playing on a mobile or PC it doesn't matter, you’ll have the same super-smooth experience. No longer will you have to select the first purchase you want and then back out and then go back in, to continue the next purchase.

Now all you have to do is click into any purchase area (shown highlighted in purple)and instead of being locked into just one thing to purchase you’ll be able to shop around for everything you want in one go!

The brand new shopping experience is geared to let you have a super smooth journey for topping up anything you need at any time.

Just use the handy tabs across the top to navigate to where you want to go and you’ll be flying high in no time!

It’s so much easier than before

But wait there’s more!

Of course, you can’t open a shop without a sale! So we’ve gone ahead and slashed the cost of almost everything in the game. From BUD tokens to Booster Boots everything has been given a discount in some way! We really want to give you a wing up!

There are some big savings to be had on BUDS, up to 23% and the top end of all three booster packs have been given a discount. The super-powerful shield has seen the biggest discount of 19% applied to packs of 28! And even better all these discounts are applied across payment systems! Pay with ETH, PLA or Fiat (USD) and you’ll get exactly the same discounted rate — awesome!

Need a reminder of the power of each DozerBird Booster then look no further than our Booster writeup!

DozerBird lets you collect key fragments to unlock Fancy Chests in CryptoDozer, each fancy chest is stuffed with valuable CryptoDolls worth ETH.

And the best thing is that every single one of the fancy CryptoDolls can be used back in Dozrebird to collect more ETH. The more valuable the CryptoDoll the better it’s flying potential!

So what are you waiting for, go shop till you drop!

It’s Playtime!

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