Final DozerBird BUDs won!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Oct 2 · 2 min read

Good things must end and so it is, our Dozerbird open event ends!

Hi DozerFriends,

It’s the final round of our BUD giveaways! There’s also a super special announcement for DozerBrid as a whole!

But before we get to that, let's look to the skies to see who’s taking flight with their 10 free BUDS for DozerBird!

Congratulations to the final BUD winners!

Our final group of DozeBird winners takes with them a serious wing up in DozerBird, 10 totally Free BUD (the flight ticket for DozerBird) is already in there account on — go on, Fly yourself to riches!

It's been a great month giving away BUD and we’re super excited that we managed to give out over 500BUD tokens to all our DozerFriends! We’ve also run super sales on all DozerBird items!

While the BUD giveaway may be over it’s not the end for DozerBird, we want to see even more Keys exchanged over the coming weeks — so let's Fly to Crypto Riches!

Once again congratulations to our final winners:
🥇0xf733…b4ae:cryptoswords🥇, 🥈0xf8620B197:Unity🥈,
🥉0x180B…581e:June🥉, 💯0xd054…25C6:eyey💯
🚀0x2C33…A66b:eoslottowin🚀 , 🏆0xD231…4D0B:ceili🏆
🐦0x7679…cd21:chris🐦, 🏅0xe9c4…ee97:jwluis🏅
💸0x074C…331E:pam💸 , 💰0x4375…3059:Shortz💰
🤑0xcb66…540C:hoho🤑, 🎊0x4967…ef12:prohamtan🎊
💵0x3D24…db52:Beryl💵, 🎮0x41b8…40dE:Jack🎮


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