Here Comes DozerClause

From now until Dec 31st DozerFriends is running its festive event!

Hi DozerFriends!

We’re super excited as it sure is beginning to look festive around here! We love this time of year and we just couldn't resist giving the DozerFriends games a super sweet Christmas tweak!

Wait there’s more! We weren't happy with just decking the halls and putting up the lights! So, we broke out the festive wrapping paper and set to work on a brand-new package or two, we’ll be putting those gifts under the tree real soon!

You can find all the details below, from the new look festive cheer and a tease or two about what lies waiting for you under the mistletoe in both CryptoDozer & DozerBird!

One of the best things about this time of year is making everything super festive and getting into the swing of things!

Our DozerFriends are no different. We’ve decked the halls of the DozerFriends games and totally re-launched with some super seasonal touches!

CryptoDozer becomes a real treat!

CryptoDozer has been decorated from top to bottom better than any Christmas tree.

With powdered sugar-snow dusted roofs with gumdrop fairy lights, candy wreaths hanging on doors and the ultimate Christmas treat cookie coins!

There's are enough tasty goodies to sink your teeth into for a whole festive season and beyond!

DozerBird is now minty fresh!

If that wasn't enough to put you in a sugar coma, DozerBird is hot on its tails. Getting into the spirit, all the DozerFriends are rocking some festive adornments in-game. From Dani’s holly-bell necklace to Mikey’s fetching scarf the DozerFriends are really into the spirit! However, Quickslo-clause is an instant classic for us!

‘tis the season!

You can discover everyone else's festive attire by collecting the DozerFriends in CryptoDozer!

Of course, there’s more than just dressing up!

Gone are those smelly pipes. Replaced with the fresh scent of mint.

During the season you’ll avoid the candy cane pipes, across a snowy landscape. Whizzing past snowmen in the shape of Dani, gingerbread men, Christmas trees and presents.

Don't get too distracted by the cuteness there’s still the important job of collecting keys!

What's that under the Dozer tree?

We’ve found the wrapping paper, the ribbon, and tape. We’ve got mulled wine on the fire and mince pies in the oven. Stockings are hung, the chestnuts are roasting, the DozerTree is decorated and the gifts are…..


We’d better go join the crowds and get those gifts! And we think we know just what to get. We’ll be putting everything together in packages and nestling them under the tree real soon. Keep your eyes open and prepare for an onslaught of seasonal options!

We can’t wait to launch more seasonal versions of DozerFriends games if you like what you see and have a suggestion for the next big event, then get in touch.

Player survey

Don’t forget our DozerFriends Survey is still going, allowing you to claim a reward of 100coins just for telling us how it is.

We’re eager to hear what you have to say, so please complete the survey by 12.03.19. In-game rewards will be sent to your gift box within one week of this date, starting with those who answer first.

Click on the image below or scan the QR code to go straight to the survey.


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