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PlayDapp Team
Jan 25, 2019 · 2 min read

More fun for the Crypto world!

We believe that the world of crypto needs more fun! And we’re the people to do it! Everyone at PlayDapp is a fully dedicated, super player! With the mission to bring you as many entertaining experiences on any blockchain as possible! Play knows no bounds, so why should BlockchainGames!

We’re working on all sorts of connected BlockchainGames — where you'll be able to earn and use crypto assets to unlock amazing gameplay. Earning and using items across all PlayDapp games!

Check out some of our current and in development blockchain games in this quick video!

Our first game — CryptoDozer is already fully playable at cryptodozer.io where you can earn CryptoDolls and currently exchange them for ETH!

The fun doesn't stop there, you can use the Fancy Dolls you collect in CryptoDozer in our second fully playable game DozerBird https://dozerbird.io

Soon our third game DozerTreasures will launch, where you’ll be able to earn and collect items to use across all games.

We'll be launching our C2C marketplace soon. Using this, you'll be able to trade your CryptoDolls to get a leg up in the range of DozerFriend Games.

Experts in fun

With over 15 years of traditional online gaming industry experience, our team of experts knows how to play games: easy rules & UX, addictive stories, well-balanced game design, fast technical assistance, and super community support!

We can’t wait to talk to all crypto & game enthusiasts! So stay tuned here, and keep up to date with all our stories behind the games, regular updates and news, and many more exciting things!

Our first two games — CryptoDozer & DozerBird are already fully playable on Ethereum! — Play today at cryptodozer.io or dozerbird.io

Or scan the below QR codes to play on mobile!

Play, earn and experience the power of blockchain gaming with PlayDapp!


Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

PlayDapp Team

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Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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