More BUD for our awesome CryptoDozer players!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Sep 24 · 4 min read

CryptoDozer’s third group of DozerBird BUD winners!

Hi DozerFriends,

It’s another round of BUD giveaways! We are delighted to be giving out our third chunk of BUD to the top players of CryptoDozer from the last seven days.

We saw an amazing amount of crypto being exchanged by our players last week, in fact over 57ETH was taken out of our pockets and into the wallets of our players in just seven days— Awesome!

All-day long we’ve been tweeting out the winners of the third week of our DozerBird open event. We also gave them a quick shoutout in our DozerFriends Telegram. Every single player did amazingly well to get on this list. We couldn’t be happier to help give them a wing up in DozerBird.

Not on our community hubs? Make sure you follow us over on Twitter or join our Telegram to be up to speed with all the latest DozerFriends information.

Congratulations to all the players who made the cut!

It’s the final week of our DozerBird open competition, the last chance to win yourself 10 Free BUD tokens. This means that now more than ever it’s important to get your coin pushing power up to speed, make sure you check out the tips from our last player feature.

DozerBird lets you collect key fragments to unlock Fancy Chests in CryptoDozer, each fancy chest is stuffed with valuable CryptoDolls worth ETH.

And the best thing is that every single one of the fancy CryptoDolls can be used back in Dozrebird to collect more ETH. The more valuable the CryptoDoll the better it’s flying potential!

Watch the video below for a super simple explanation of the way CryptoDozer and DozerBird connect with each other.

DozerBird open event closes on 09.30.19 00:00 UTC

From now until 09.30 UTC 00:00 CryptoDozer players can win DozerBird BUDS and you can use those BUDS to earn key fragments to use in CryptoDozer!

So what and how do you win?

It’s super simple! Make sure you play CryptoDozer and get yourself within the top 20 rankings by the end of the week. If you manage to do that you’ll get 10 BUD (the play ticket for DozerBird) totally free!

It’s so simple- just think of it like this: 10 for 20! And the best thing is if there’s a draw in twentieth place all of those players will get the rewards.

But there’s even more good news! Every day players can get free BUDs just cover the gas fee and you’ll be in with a chance to win, simply tap on the Daily Bonus button in-game.

Don’t forget the DozerBird open event closes on 09.30.19 00:00 UTC — it’s the last chance to get those free BUDS — Scan the QR Code or go to


DozerFriends Team!

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