One exchange stands dominant this week!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Nov 4 · 3 min read

Over 71ETH exchanged this week with one giant among them…

Hi CryptoDozerers!

It’s been another massive week for every player. With a fantastic 71.967 ETH being collected by all players!

Did you manage to exchange this week? If so congratulations on joining the ever-growing cryptorich club! Every single exchange is awesome and it means that our players are not only playing but being rewarded for their game time!

It’s awesome that CryptoDozer lets you earn real ETH by collecting cute CryptoDolls. A super simple game that has some serious ETH.

Don’t forget DozerBird which can give your CryptoDozering some real boosts, fly and dodge the obstacles and collects keys to unlock more ETH in CryptoDozer!

CryptoDozer’s best player exchanges 10/28–11/03/19

This week, we saw the return of Lei. The tough as nails but super friendly Rainbow Bear paid another visit to our awesome players! Giving another player an amazing week!

Sadly, we didn’t manage to catch up with the player… But if they want to be added to our DozerFriends wall of CryptoRich then just get in touch!

DozerFriends Wall of CryptoRich is ever-growing, can you get a brick in there?

Of course, there were other stars of the week, so let’s check it out!

We started out with a monster 23.166ETH being collected on the 28th, with the lions share going to newparadigm with a stonking 7.00ETH all for themselves, not bad for a bit of fun!

After starting the week that strong, it’s a shame that we didn’t manage to push more! However, Inkang with 1.820ETH started a mid-week charge to more ETH. and we had a nice little bump on the 2nd with Meldem exchanging out a tasty 2.055ETH.

The 3rd saw a nice 5.515ETH for all players overall, and finishing strong, with a respectable 1.052ETH was cryptraz.

Of course, in a week like this, there can only be one player who takes all the credit… So clap it up and shout from the rooftops for newparadigm with a stonking 7.00ETH making themselves a very happy player indeed!

Our CryptoDolls have a range of values and rankings, including Fancy, Bronze, Silver & Gold! With ETH value reflected accordingly. Our Silver CryptoDolls are worth up to one ETH while our Gold CryptoDolls can be worth two, seven, 10 and even 30ETH.

Then there’s the ultimate prize, a special 70ETH CryptoDoll! Winners of these CryptoDolls really will be the ultimate Crypto Rich. Can you collect the ultimate prize?

It’s Playtime!

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