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Apr 12 · 4 min read

This is the big one! Our first true CryptoRich player.

Hi CryptoRich. It happened, we gave out the first massive life-changing amount of ETH!

That’s right, for the first time we’ve given away our largest possible prize! 70ETH — that’s over $13,000! Just to one player for collecting one CryptoDoll!

In our first month, it’s fantastic to know that CryptoDozer has already, made one player’s life totally different. Our first ever winner of 70ETH, goes by the nickname redangel and has already been active in our Discord group, showing off his prize, well wouldn’t you?

We talked to our Fantastic winner who, use the nickname redangel. They wanted to keep their personal details private, but they did tell us a bit about themselves and some plans for their big win.

Redangel, real name Laszlo is a bit of a traveler, in fact, at one point he was talking to us while waiting for his plane to take off. He didn’t tell us where he was going — our big 70ETH winner is mysterious like that….

Luckily redangel/ Laszlo had a bit more to say about his win and what he planned to do with it.

“Well, the phrase “I could not believe it” certainly applies to me. It was just an unreal moment! In the beginning, I really thought something was wrong and this was not going to happen for me. The Doll would fall off the side or something like that.

I felt that surely something had to go wrong….

After the initial panic, I realized it really was mine, and I really had won 70ETH all thanks to one small black cat! As soon as I stopped whooping with joy, I had to share the good news with my friends. It certainly made them happy. They are already thinking of ways I can treat them while spending the $13,000.

So far the one that we have all agreed on is that it’s time for a new pet, we’re thinking a Black cat — of course, I’ll name it Aria!

Normally I’m a team player and want to help others be successful, so this big win makes me feel a bit selfish, but then again, this means a lot to me. I have had wins with some other dapps but not like this. Nothing that really changes my life like $10,000 does.

For most people, 70ETH is not a small amount and that’s exactly the same for me. This win will help me do something really special. I’m going to use most of it to buy my first ever car! Who would have thought that a game would be the reason why I get to have my first car.”

I still can’t believe that I won the big prize, I saw a few referral links in some groups that I follow and thought that I would be too late to ever win one of the big ones. I didn’t realize one of the great things about CryptoDozer, there isn’t just one prize with a tiny chance to win. Someone could win another 70ETH Doll tomorrow.”

He also let us know that he currently lives in Spain — Felicitaciones por tu buena suerte redangel! While he does not have social media — a real shame as we’d love to make him internet famous!- he was happy to tell us some more details about himself and the feeling of winning.

“My real name is Laszlo, and I am quite private. So, sorry that I’m not a big one for the spotlight.

Yes, I currently live in Spain, but originally I’m not from here. I was born in Hungary and have been living and working in Spain for a while now. I work as a real estate agent, which isn’t too interesting. I’m also a semi-pro swimmer, competing in meets, but I haven’t won a prize like this while in the pool! I tend to play Dapp games to help myself unwind and relax after a hard day’s work.

CryptoDozer compared to a lot of them, really stands out, the graphics, the gameplay is all really impressive and I’d like to see what you come out with next. I have played 0xUniverse a bit but it’s not as nice as CryptoDozer.”

It’s great to hear that we have a winner that is happy and able to make a real change to their life thanks to the win of CryptoDozer. While we would have liked to have got to know redangel/Lazslo we respect his right to privacy. However, we’re happy that we got to answer a bit of the question:

We really hope that our next 70ETH winner will have great plans for their big prize and we’d love it if they gave even more detail than redangel/Lazslo. CryptoDozer has some fantastic CryptoDolls and we’re making improvements all the time. We’re sure you’ll like what we’ve done with the game since launch and hope that when we shine a spotlight on your big win you’ll join us in shouting at the top of your lungs.

It’s Playtime!

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