Our Top Players took over 10ETH this week!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Sep 30 · 3 min read

A Grand slam of over 50ETH for all players!

Hi DozerFriends!

Were you skillful enough to make a top exchange last week? We almost can’t believe that our players managed to get over 50ETH exchanged again! On top of that, our best individual exchanges for the week managed to nab themselves over 10ETH alone!

Even Quickslo is moving fast thanks to that ETH!

It’s been a busy week, with plenty of users collecting CryptoDolls and earning ETH. Well done to everyone that had success this week!

We’ve had some real highlights and we’re sure our lucky users will agree, that it’s been a great week. While many users earned ETH throughout the week we want to highlight the best users and let them show off just how much they managed to earn.

So let's give them their moment in the sun this week.

CryptoDozer’s big winners for 09.23–29.19!

Check it out over 7ETH on average exchanged each day! Six out of Seven days saw players take out over 5ETH!

With massive payouts on the 25th and the 27th, it’s been a monster week for our players. And it’s not just been fueled by one or two big individual wins, our best seven exchanges may have done well but its a real player effort!

So who can we look at as the best of the best? One player stands out above the rest this week, but not by a massive amount. Eeking into first place for the weeks’ best individual exchanges it’s sms04, taking a massive 2.148 ETH maybe not the most attractive name but hey they made the big Crypto!

Similarly impressive in delivering the goods was, cryptoswords, with an outstanding 2.057ETH! The ETH kept on rolling with jwluis, a former big winner, taking 1.794ETH!

It wasn’t just ETH that was given away, we gave out tips across our various communities, missed them? Then make sure to join the DozerFriends across our social platforms.

Of course, we have DozerBird flying high in the sky, and we couldn’t resist a refresher on those Birdie boosters! Check it out and put your best wing forward!


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PlayDapp Editor_Ryan

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I work, write and occasionally play for PlayDapp.io — they make things you play.


Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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