Over 57ETH exchanged in a week!

CryptoDozer players were hard at work making some serious exchanges…

Hi DozerFriends!

Were you skillful enough to make a top exchange last week? Can you believe over 57ETH was exchanged by our players? Amazing!

Of course, it wasn’t just the ETH exchanges that we gave away last week, we also gave out 200 BUD -The play ticket for our second game DozerBird, shared amongst the top ten CryptoDozer Players for the week.

Then there were some super tips given out in our second player spotlight. Can you use Blaze’s tips to get into next week’s top exchanges?

Super Seven- CryptoDozer’s best players 09.16–09.22.19

Two days stand out as absolute monsters of ETH exchanging, we kicked off the week with an awe-inspiring 13.1ETH being won by players. As well as a super impressive 2.003ETH by the day’s best exchanger -Shortz.

Then we chilled out until midweek, where we saw a super 7.103ETH being taken out of our pockets and into our players. Shout out to eoslottowin for their massive 1.07ETH — taking the top spot with it.

Then breaking all the rules and proving that the end of the week isn’t just for chilling out and relaxing, CrptoDozer players managed to fill their boots with over 14.5ETH being exchanged. Wow, that’s $3,000 given out in one day! Stand up tall lambohunter with your 2ETH jackpot!

Finishing the week, another massive, day. 10.9ETH given out to players, all for kicking back and relaxing. psyrox24 showing us how it’s done with a sweet little 2.508ETH and with that psyrox24 takes the crown for the best exchange of the week!

Congratulations to all our big winners!

Need a hand getting more outta the Dozer? Then check out a player submitted tip!

Tip Number 1: “The Six-Shooter”

You place a row of three coins at the bottom of the drop zone and quickly drop three more near the top of the drop zone. This creates a massive push that even a board full of Giant coins can’t stand against. It helps you move through a level at a good pace. Perfect this and you will save coins and crush the Giant coin curse!

Watch the “Six-Shooter” in action racking up some serious coin!

Do you think you can join the growing ranks of Crypto Rich and be one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH waiting to be collected. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win: https://cryptodozer.io

Or try your hand at DozerBird and earn keys to unlock ETH in CryptoDozer

Play on your mobile device at dozerbird.io


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I work, write and occasionally play for PlayDapp.io — they make things you play.


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